The Most unusual hotels in the world
  For many people, the hotel is only a place to sleep. I want to introduce you to 10-coy unusual hotels of the world, which might sound interesting for you…

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Festival of brides in Novosibirsk
  Air, flowing dress; soft hands, smiling faces, the glitter of happiness in the eyes of friends; excitement; dizzy from the rush of feelings of immense joy; the desire to…

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Festival favorite toy. Holidays in kindergarten

To create an environment of emotional well-being, to provide children with the opportunity to relax and to get new impressions, to form a desire to actively participate in the event. to develop monologic speech of children.

To create a sense of community, friendly attitude towards each other and adults, respect for the toys.

Previous work: writing children stories about your favorite toy, the design of the exhibition “My favourite toy”, conversations with children about caring for toys, recitation competition “Poems about toys” and making kids paper bunnies (origami).

Organization and technique of entertainment.

Entertainment is held in the music hall. There in different places spaced groups children’s favourite toys they brought from home. At one end of the hall — area. where are the books toys. There sits the librarian.

Children comes to visit Celestic and informs them that all their toys are gone in toy town for the holiday.

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The Most unusual holidays

Holiday naked men in the Japanese city of Inazawa. Inazawa celebrate it as much as the 767 BC. In the temple of Konomiya going more than three thousand men at the age from 23 to 43 years old, dressed only in a loincloth and wearing wooden sandals. After purification ceremony men marching through the streets of the city, and its residents are trying to touch the participant of the procession, because it is believed that this touch brings luck for the whole year. Linked to this tradition with the fact that the alleged 767 BC through the streets of the city ran naked Shinto deity of luck, and citizens all year lucky. Here’s inazawa and picked up the deity the idea of a holiday! The only bad thing: it takes place in February. It is not surprising that the participants “Nude marches” drink liters of sake is a reliable way to keep warm.

The feast of Asses in Laguna Niguel, USA . That hide during the feast of the Japanese, it appears, are willing to show the Americans. In Laguna Niguel, California, holiday parties, men and women. line up in a row near the railroad and shows bare ass passing trains. And created this mess every second Saturday of July.

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Venetian carnival parade costumes in Venice

The glorious city of Venice flourished in the mid-fifteenth century, long before there was the first Venetian carnival . as a member of the trade of the Hanseatic League. In this period lived in the city of nearly 200,000 people, which is a huge number for that time. In the ports of Venice was moored vessels from different parts of the world and the most unimaginable designs and types. The wealth of the Venetians allowed to invite famous artists who have built beautiful buildings and streets of the city that fascinates and today’s tourists.

During the XIV – XVI centuries, the Venetians created a magnificent, luxurious and elegant appearance of the city, which flattered the vanity of successful, strong and brave citizens who have achieved great success and brought together an incredible wealth. In the waters of the main channel was reflected 200 fancy palaces. In Venice mixed and organically combined a variety of styles – Western, Eastern, Moorish, Byzantine, etc. All this created a uniquely colorful and recognizable image of the city. And now Venice is like a stone boat, floating on the waves of countless channels.

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