Festival of brides in Novosibirsk
  Air, flowing dress; soft hands, smiling faces, the glitter of happiness in the eyes of friends; excitement; dizzy from the rush of feelings of immense joy; the desire to…

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Holiday world. Christmas"
  According to legend in the year of the Nativity, there were no wars on earth. The Lord has brought peace, peace with God. He brings peace to the troubled…

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Scenario of a summer holiday in the Junior group


Fizkultury greets children and parents on the Playground, which includes musical accompaniment.

Fizkultura. Hello dear parents and children, boys and girls! You are welcome – I, – “Fizkultura”!

Don’t you remember me?

The summer flew by so fast, but sad we won. Smile, time, today we all gathered together!

But, to spend our holiday will help one magic flower. Guess what?

There are in the Kuban – the miracle, fabulous flower,

He has magic each petal!

Guessed? Well done, it Tsvetik – semicvetik.

What do you know about this flower? (Children’s responses)

The purpose of the Flower – petal Flower to help children. Dropped out flower petals. We will collect, each color for myself, to rediscover and to perform the job.

Offered to parents and children in order to open the petals under the numbers.

Fizkultura. 1. Under the first digit of purple petal. It means “Warm ray in every home”. We can say that he gives the family, and someone helps and saves her. What for You family? (Asked of children, parents)

Listen, please, what the poem is written about a family girl, a little older than you – Firsova Yana from the Smolensk region.

The family is we. The family is me.

The family is dad and my mom.

The family is Vlad, brother dear.

The family is a fluffy little kitty mine.

The family is the grandmother of two expensive.

Family – and my sister mischievous.

The family is godparents, aunts and uncles.

The family is a tree in a beautiful outfit.

The family is the feast at the round table.

Family is happiness, the family is home,

Where love and miss and not remember evil.

Wonderful poem and what a beautiful phrase “Warm ray in every home”. I like Fizkultury ask, and what better way to warm up and cheer up as a joint charge! Get ready for charging!

“Fun to charge”

Fizkultury with parents and children holds “Fun exercises”

(Alena Stiharev)

Fizkultura. 2. Number two – the red petal. It symbolizes “Happiness in the palm”. This lobe helps those who really need help.

Relay “Help, friends help me out” (the crossing)

The participants are divided into teams. Landmarks designated the river. The rescuers – parents get in the Hoop one participant to the other side. The winner is the first team to cross over.

Fizkultura. 3. Under the number three blue petals. Blue painted sky in spring. Aspiration up to knowledge, peace over your head – the value of this color. It symbolizes “Knowledge is never too much”, and helps talented children to receive a quality education. Do you know how much is necessary to know the athlete! Which group of muscles exercises, what kind of load it is necessary to give, proper nutrition, duration of workout, in addition to sports, to learn the rules and all the attributes… And now the game “I am an athlete”. Your task is to find the right attributes for football, basketball, and tennis.

The participants are divided into teams. Relay children carry cards with attributes of the sport. The winner is the first team to collect all attributes.

Fizkultura. 4. Under the figure of four yellow petals. He urges us to “Be the first! “. Yellow is the color of victory at the Olympics, the color of the gold medal.

We have one game

You will like it!

Go to the site,

Get together in order.

Sports much,

Even you name.

We are going to play now

Sports to name!

Children and parents are offered riddles about summer sports,

His pool is so liked –