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The Most delicious treat on the planet

Even random aisle of God, came on this day to the House of culture “fee”, not knowing what a triumph it’s about usual, would have understood: something to do with food – such delicious smells encountered Chali incoming from the threshold. And gathered here for celebration of International day of the chef representatives of the suburbs, are included in the Group comp any «EcoPro-based”. Among them – JSC «Amkinsky dairy plant”.

In the framework of this festival was the contest of professional skills among chefs. Sam was eleven teams – winners of competitions within companies – on the wing contest, buffet, tables. Of course, such delights are not for kindergartens and hospitals, but the organizers decided to give the opportunity for colleagues hold up to everyday life and to give free rein to their imagination.

And it turned out. What can be seen on the tables, once again proved that eating is a joy not only for the stomach but also for the soul. Such utter beauty not often seen. Ah, cleared chef Fanta Zia! Different types of canapes, cakes, pastries, salads in the cor sinechkah, dishes, decorated AP petitie cancers, tree from Sidorov cherry. In short, mount Haut fourché tnye fan of Tashi!

Before the celebration the members of the competition Commission with prystrasti eat visited all the tables, meanwhile the guests eyes ate exude ing aromas Delhi Cutesy.

Fanfares who westile about the beginning of the ceremony. His his neck prologue was the film about PE group of companies «Eco-product”, which includes enterprises, organizing food in kindergartens, schools, hospitals all over Podmoskov view and a number of cities

The Vladimir region.

– Today, we honor employees very beautiful and tasty work – our esteemed chefs. Long as mankind has existed, there has been the art of cooking, said leading the festive evening.

On behalf of the head of Noginsk district of the heroes of the occasion by zdravila Deputy presiding La district administration – head of Department for consumer market Maria Sergeeva, right podmetina that labour powa moat affects the health, working capacity and good mood each of us, and wished all happiness and professional mA Ministry. Maria Ivanovna in ruci La of the head area of the staff LLC «Amkinsky dairy plant” – chefs children’s sa Dov No. 45, 99 and 1 Catherine Nar Chilo, Iraida Sinitsyna and Anna Borzova.

Congratulations on scenarios went well heads and representatives of administrations Losino – Petrovsky, Electrosta, Pavlovo-Posad, selkov ski, Kirzhach areas and the other. Ceremony, flowers, gifts, shop, Ki, thankyou for your work and congratulate each other making: from Folk balabanovskaja choir of Russian song named Lydia Cadenas. model choreography ical ensemble “big”, salt ists Alexey Chernov, Yulia DEH-nich, Alexei Khokhlov, choreogra cific team “Watercolor” House of culture “Central”.

And here’s the climax of the evening – the results of the sa show jumping professional skill. In this year’s competition, dedicated to the International day of the chef, took part 17 teams, including two from a limited liability company “Amkinsky mo dairy plant” and three from Noginsk on plant nutrition «Ecoproduct t”. Deputy head of the district administration Maria Sergeeva and prosecutorial Director Amginskogo mo dairy plant Vladimir IGAC lie Chile awards to the winners. Been welcome but that among them were nagineni. The second prize was awarded to Light the Lana Baklavas and Kristine Khachatryan (pictured), the prize of spectator attra Tille got Tatiana Knitel and Talia Ibraeva.

As usual on the holiday, the guest invited to the table, or rather to the tables is thus competitive that even a couple of hours ago it was possible only pleasure from. It was not only beautiful but also very tasty!