The Most beautiful holidays of the world
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Holiday world. Christmas"
  According to legend in the year of the Nativity, there were no wars on earth. The Lord has brought peace, peace with God. He brings peace to the troubled…

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Festivals and shopping in Kashmir


The most colorful festivals in the state of Jammu and Kashmir are in Ladakh. If you get the chance, you must visit the Tibetan mysteries – dancing in masks (Mask Dance), which are held in Buddhist monasteries on the territory of Ladakh.

In Ladakh are many Buddhist festivals almost every month during the year. Here is the list:

Different times: GU-STO p – a celebration of the victory of good over evil, the mask dances in the monasteries Tiksi (October-November), Spituk monastery (January) and Karsha (Zanskar, July).

January/February: Loan – Tibetan new year celebrations in the homes of Tibetans in monasteries and for 15 days.

February: Domace – Buddhist new year, celebration in Lech, Lemire and Dickite. The mask dances, the burning of effigies of evil spirits.

February-March: Guru TSE-Chu – dancing in masks, the Oracle predicts the future in the monastery of Stoke gompa.

February-March: Matho-Narang – Oracle in the monastery of Macho predict the future, perform acrobatic stunts with tied eyes, etc.

June-July: TSE-Chu, a three – day festival is the masked dance in the Hemis monastery in honor of the birthday of Guru Padmasambhava.

July: Yura-Kagat – another festival with dances and masks in the monastery of Lamayuru.

July-August: Pang Cedap – a two-day festival is the masked dance in the style of cha-am at the monastery Piang.

Jammu and Kashmir holidays

1-15 September: Festival of Ladakh (Ladakh Festival) is a festival held by the Ministry of tourism. In the program – the mask dances, competitions in Polo, archery, dancing with a sword, singing and music. Held in Lech and Noble.

November: Festival of Camra Anchok – dancing in masks and mystical rituals in the monastery of Camra.

Festivals in Kashmir Valley and in Jammu:

April: Festival of Jammu (Jammu Festival) – a three-day Jolly in Jammu.

July-September: Amarnath-Yatra – a three-day pilgrimage of Hindus to the Holy cave to worship the ice lingam.

August-November: Ramadan – the Holy month for all Muslims.

September-October: Vaishno Delhi Yatra – pilgrimage to Vaishno Devi in Jammu.

Najbrt-December: Eid-al-Adha is a Muslim holiday to commemorate the sacrifice of Abraham (Ibrahim).

Shopping in Kashmir . Once through Kashmir ran one of the branches of the Great silk Road. What does it mean? Trading history dates back several millennia. Many sellers in Kashmiri shops – hereditary trade workers. What does it mean? This means that you have to bargain. Long and patiently. The art of the seller to sell you a product at an inflated price in a few times. Art buyer to buy the item with the highest discount, which is prepared by the seller.

Kashmir is famous for its woolen and silk carpets, which are not inferior to Persian. The carpets are of good quality and truly handmade and can cost several thousand dollars. Small wool rug (90 cm to 1.5 meters) of good quality will cost approx 200-300 dollars. Silk rug of the same size can cost $ 1000. There are cheaper options. Beware of imitations! Check the quality of the knots on silk carpets (from the backside).

Kashmir is also famous for the woolen shawls of pashmina and cashmere. A good shawl can cost from $ 100 and above. Here, too, need to beware of fakes.

Kashmiri stalls – a real find for lovers of Fairplay pobrekusjka, semiprecious stones, statuettes of wood, bronze and silver base, all kinds of amulets, Souvenirs and other pleasant things.

Tibetan shops in Ladakh is full of all sorts of religious objects, bronze Buddhas, herbal incense, singing bowls, ritual masks, magic beads and high-quality imitations of the old days. And of course in Ladakh (as in other locations around the state) you can buy a great Buddhist tanks (sacred images of Buddhas and Bodhisattvas). Bargain!