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Festival Moon Cake


Autumn in Thailand is marked by celebrations, however, as any other time of the year in the Kingdom. Here-here should begin the spectacular Festival of Vegetarians and then a beautiful and romantic Loy Krathong. But before we celebrate the Moon Cake Festival or Mid-Autumn, my favorite holiday of lovers. In large shopping centers have special baked moon cakes (and do they sell them year-round). And even in every 7-11 S&P managed to deliver a batch of moon pies.

Mid-Autumn festival is celebrated most widely in China. But as in Thailand, a large percentage of Chinese and Thais of Chinese origin, this tradition spread to the Kingdom. The festival begins on the 15th day of the eighth lunar month and marks the autumnal equinox and the end of harvest. But to sell and fun to absorb moon pies and cakes begin three weeks before the celebration. In my opinion, this holiday is not that much to harvest, how much to the philosophical perception of the unity of man with nature, to achieve perfect harmony that major canons of Taoism.

The Moon Cake festival celebration is named for the tradition to prepare special sweet cakes in the shape of a full moon from sesame seeds, Lotus and duck eggs. Nobody knows where this tradition, but in the XIV century, moon cakes have become extremely popular. At that time in China was preparing an uprising against the Mongols seized the country, it was necessary to act together in secret from the enemy. Then in honor of the Mid-Autumn Festival (according to another version, to not get infected with the plague raging in the country) with the permission of the Mongol Emperor had baked a thousand moon pies, which were hidden notes about the plans of the rebellion, and gave them to the locals. And the Mongol yoke was overthrown. And now the moon pies are still called Chinese Trojan horse.

22 to 23 September 2010 Thais of Chinese descent will gather in churches, placing the cakes to the gods by lighting the red candles and incense sticks. The Moon Cake festival more family holiday, because of its round shape symbolizes the moon, which is so important in Chinese mythology. There is a Chinese saying that all marriages are made on the moon. They are organized by the special lunar old man, who has a book with the names of all newborn babies and happy couples. Only he knows the fate of every Chinese, and you are powerless to resist it. In this month, China held a lot of weddings.

Traditional moon cakes made from duck egg yolk, which symbolizes the full moon, and paste from the seeds of Lotus and sesame seeds. Not every family could afford such a treat because of the high cost of toothpaste. Pies are usually small: 10 cm in diameter and 4-5 cm in height. Of course, not without its records. Six-foot moon pie baked in Hainan, the dough of which went about 350 kg of pasta, more than 30 kg of egg yolks and 100 kg of flour. Pastry pies all the same, but the toppings are different. Many restaurants and bakeries make moon cakes with mung beans, nuts, chocolate, coffee, fruits and even sweet vegetables, cheese and ham. At 7-11 you can buy moon cake with durian – Oh, how I love Thai people!

In addition to the traditional moon cakes made of wheat flour in the last 30 years, decided to cook sticky rice and jelly. White delicacy of sticky rice called the snow moon pie. In some stores you can buy gel-like moon pie agar or gelatin with various fruit flavors. Unfortunately, watching her figure to enjoy moon cakes are contraindicated because of high caloric content. In Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia can be found Halal moon pies, which meet all the principles of the Muslim power, because traditionally cakes cooked with pork fat.

If you do not get in this year’s Moon Cake Festival, you can plan your vacation in any other year.