Venetian carnival parade costumes in Venice
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The Best spring festivals
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In Ivano-Frankivsk took place – Holy Kovaliv


Of course, the most striking event of this spring in Ivano-Frankivsk can be called the three-day festival “holiday of the blacksmiths”, about forging a Grand event firsthand reports the portal “Our City — the Park building with repair” .

This year we were visited more than three hundred blacksmiths from 23 countries around the world. Some of them came to the festival for the first time, and some — already regular guests. For example, world-blacksmith from Israel URI hofi of came to us for the second time. Interesting the wizard that he is originally from Ivano-Frankivsk, where he was born and lived until I was four. During the war, URI lost his family here, and he was removed from Ukraine. Difficult military imprint in the memory kept him from visiting his homeland. However, after visiting the festival last year, the Hof was amazed by the hospitality of Ivano-Frankivsk, and became a constant participant of our holiday.

Despite the capricious rain, the area was never empty: hundreds of Ivano-frankovets Kuznetsov was surrounded on all sides, to at least have a little look at this great job — the blacksmith’s art. Special attention was attracted by a master class of the school of traditional blacksmithing Bogdana Popova from Kiev “the Art of the anvil and hammer”. The wizard builds upon what was a thousand years ago, and in modern conditions, transforms and restores. Minimum cost and maximum human energy exhalation using the horn leads to the fact that the metal is heated red hot and forged. The organizers assure that our city became the first in the world to witness such action.

Except blacksmith products at the festival there were also many other attractions and lures. On the first day, may 7, the festival was opened by the archers and gunsmiths Luvsgaga Trigger the Ofty under the leadership of Basil Kachmar. On the second day, demonstrations were given of the Ivano-Frankivsk club of historical reconstruction “Thistle”, which, in addition to knight battles, organized interesting entertainment — archery. A motley and colorful feast for the eyes holiday visitors also paintings by young artists of Michael — tymchuk and Ushibuka. The product of the vine from local workshop “Shuffle”, apparel from designer Love Chernikova, work First Ukrainian zincone and many other unique things filled event and trade fair mood. And, of course, how each Carpathian feast, the festival could not do without Hutsul embroidery, all kinds of Souvenirs, fresh cheese, and sweet smoked fish, imported from Khmelnitsky. And all this fun and energetic music of Ivano-Frankivsk rock bands: “heat of passion”, “leaf” and “Perkalaba”.

Our guests could not enjoy such a warm reception. So traditionally my gratitude for such attention from residents of Smiths expressed in their own way — joint wrought-iron composition. Last year gave us the original “Frame forge traditions”, which is now emblazoned in the Park Mickiewicz behind medical University. Frame installed with forged antique camera so that the “lens” is the dome of our town hall. And this year the Smiths have prepared the sculpture “the Whirlwind forge cities” — incredibly intricate composition which has the appearance of a large carousel. However, in all its glory, we will be able to see this sculpture, as always, only a year — on “Holiday 2011 Kuznetsov”.

Undoubtedly, the festival was a success. Ivano-Frankivsk powerfully and joyfully celebrated their 348 years. As for the 349 th, we hope that everything will happen in the spirit of our best bold and loud festival-smithing traditions.