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Fall festival “Gulliver”


The performances are loved by the Kurgan puppet theatre “Gulliver” in the first season the audience will see the Far East and Siberia. The actors gathered puppets and decorations, Packed suitcases and went on a tour with the latest and most high-profile premiere of the theater.

In Kurgan doors to the public “Gulliver” will open soon: the 71st season will begin on October 25. On 25 and 26 October the Kurgan will feature two premieres — “the Actress” and “Tales of my grandmother.” The delay in a long-awaited meeting of talents and fans has objective reasons: with the end of the theatrical season this spring, “Gulliver” suffered a great loss in creative frames — for family reasons in Moscow moved actor and Director Alexey Gosuk and his wife, actress Irina Timofeeva. Left the troupe and a young, talented Nikolai Fomin. Because of what the theatre had difficulties with putting actors to play roles, to the same scene master new sound designer and illuminator.

Yet these changes do not interfere with “gullivera” with optimism to the future of the theatre, especially because it starts with a long and happy road.

Now Gulliver is located in Irkutsk, where from 4 to 10 October goes mobile festival “the Ark”, where the Kurgan puppeteers will present the play “Oedipus”. He was raised last year Belarusian film Director Alexander Yanushkevich and highly appreciated by audiences and the press. In Irkutsk for the show will be joined by honored artist of Russia Alexei Gudok (now he plays in Mytishchi puppet theatre). While the role has not mastered another actor, ex-kurganets will help home theater to win the love of the public other cities.

Then via Khabarovsk the actors will go for the II international festival of puppet theatres “On the Islands of wonders”, which runs from 6 through 16 October in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. Kurgan puppeteers will play here “Oedipus” and a solo performance of the honoured artist of Russia Alla Semenova, “Vanya Danish” and the premiere of last season — the play “the Actress” (directed by Vitaly Druck). Pay travel host for “Gulliver” good luck, because funds for such travel our actors just yet.

Plans for festival trips and other news “Gulliver” told journalists at a press conference held in the theatre.

Here’s another good news: the actress and theatre Director Tatyana Esin won a grant for courses for Directors to work with kids from one year to four years.

In the spring of “Gulliver” will host the III International festival of puppet theatres “Dream of flying”. Already obtained consent to participate in the festival from two theatres of the Czech Republic and two theaters from Germany, the theatres of Greece, Bulgaria, Azerbaijan, Ukraine.

But there will be at the theatre for a new building for 350 seats, the issue is not yet resolved. Deputy chief of regional Management of culture Natalia Rechkalov told that the upcoming investment Council will consider the allocation for project estimates 3.5 million rubles. Of course, the budget itself can’t afford a new theatre for 260-280 million rubles, the necessary co-financing program of the Federal level, a private business…

The next year is the year of culture, and believe that it is in the Urals will draw the most attention.

As for the beginning of the season in “Gulliver”, he will accompany the opening in the foyer of the exhibition “”Gulliver” in focus”. Viewers in November awaiting the premiere of “Old Shoe”, and also the three anniversary of the theatre’s productions, the oldest of which — “Vanya Danish” — this year marks 20 years! In the spring of their performance in the puppet theatre will come bet Director from Germany Michael Vogel, who had to be in the “Gulliver” with master classes. But the most exciting and anticipated event will undoubtedly become the festival’s “Dream of flying”.

“Gulliver” promises to make the cultural life in the Mound very intense and highly addictive.