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Where to go in February: the best carnivals and festivals in the world


If you’re not rested and walk up in the new year and Christmas holidays, perhaps you should remember that in the last winter month around the world are stunningly beautiful carnivals 😉

Tenerife, Spain

When: from 8 to 22 February 2015, parade Askew (Gran Coso) — 17 February.

Its scale and beauty of this festival received the title of the largest in Europe and worldwide, ranking second after the Brazilian carnival in Rio de Janeiro.

Carnival processions marching across the island, but the most striking sight you will see on the streets of Santa Cruz, the capital of carnival.

You will see bright and unusual costumes, which correspond to the declared theme of the carnival. You will participate in the selection of the Queen, because here the most beautiful, charming and strong girl. After all, weigh some costumes a few tens of pounds!

Around the Queen of carnival, as a peculiar character, are entire of the action. The peak of the holiday is Cavalcade (the Parade) is a majestic hours-long costume parade. It is accompanied by fireworks, the roar of firecrackers and fireworks, and dancing until morning. Takes the action almost the entire population of the island. In 1987, the carnival in Tenerife was listed in the “Guinness Book of world records” as the carnival, where all night 240,000 all night at the same time danced in the streets of Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

Tours to the Carnival in Tenerife 2015 >>


When: 31 January-17 February 2015

The world famous carnival of Venice in Italy lasts longer than two weeks. In 2015 it will be special: its theme will be amazing and fantastic in nature.

The festival will be dedicated to fantasy world of nature and the tales of the magic forest inhabited by strange animals and birds. Each mask inspired by fairy stories from around the world, will carry a certain meaning.

Every day during the carnival special jury will hold a competition for the best mask and carnival costume. But the most significant will be the closing of the festival: on the same square will gather all the actors, dancers and musicians from India, China, Japan, Thailand and other countries, participated in the carnival. And, of course, the angel, looking for tourists, definitely will fly from the bell tower of San Marco.

Tours for Carnival in Venice 2015 >>


When: from 12 to 19 February 2015.

The week of carnival in Mexico — an event to say which is “fine”, means to say nothing.

Starting the week before Great lent (Catholic) carnival days held in a setting of colorful and noisy street parades, unceasing music, dancing and fireworks. Many Mexican carnival resembles the famous Mardi Gras held in New Orleans.

In short, if you are going to Mexico in February in 2015 — be sure to try to meet the date of your arrival so that they coincided with carnival nedelyu

Tours on Carnival to Mexico 2015 >>


When: 4th-14th February 2015.

Where: Limassol, Nicosia, Paphos, Larnaca

In Cyprus carnivals are held in each city. Lasts carnival and a half-two weeks, one week “butcher”, second “cheese”.

At the opening you will see entering the king-the symbol of the festival, accompanied by clowns, jugglers, acrobats, clowns.

Offers puppet shows, sporting events. Winter carnival in Cyprus will allow you to dance till you drop and feel the local flavor.

Tours for Carnival in Cyprus 2015 >>


When: From 14 to 21 February 2015

Where: Portugal.

Carnivals capture the cheerful flow of the whole country, but particularly expressive these days Madeira, Torres Vedras, nazaré, Ovar. In every town and even village has its own local traditions. For example, in Figare Saturday is a magical act “sawing the old pimp”.

And here the inhabitant of the city of Loulé (nahoditsya in the Algarve) are a tradition: after the end of the carnival they dress up in costumes charming witch to go to dinner in their company. Men in such company is not the place.

Portuguese Grand carnival has similarities with the carnival in Rio, this is not surprising, as the Portuguese and the Brazilians are very similar in temperament. The locals love to walk, and current carnival will show it in all its glory.

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