The Sani Festival
  Rejoice, lovers of the beautiful! The annual Sani Festival, held on the territory of the Sani Resort, is ready to surprise your guests and give them a ticket to…

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Carnival of Venice: history and traditions of the most famous holiday in Italy
  Traditionally, before strict fasting during the ten days before carnival in Italy bright and colorful cope lush Carnivals, which literally translated from Italian means – "farewell to meat" (ital.…

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Top of the most unusual festivals in the world


Safe to say that no person in the world who doesn’t love to celebrate the holidays. We are happy to congratulate your relatives, friends, colleagues happy birthday, happy Valentine’s Day, 8 March, happy New year and many other festivals. But, besides these, there are other holidays that are not known to everyone. They differ in their incredible atmosphere, amazing customs and often reach enormous proportions.

We offer you to get acquainted with the most unusual festivals in the world.

Mexican Day drunks

The tradition started since 2005 in the society of Internet bloggers of Mexico. 20 may takes place the celebration of this wonderful holiday. Surprisingly, the local authorities for the holiday have nothing.

Day red in the city Nonsense. Holland

More than 5,000 red-haired participants going from 40 countries. Every year after the termination of celebratory actions produced album book. The album contains photos only red people. The founders of the event are confident that the holiday is the most positive, the most striking and solar among others.

Holiday hens. American Nebraska

The festival occurs annually in the summer in Wayne, entirely dedicated to the amazing feathered inhabitants of the chicken coop. During the event men dressed in costumes of the chickens, performed an amazing dance in this colorful show. In the center of the square was erected the elegant perch. It is the only event in the process, which leads to competition eating chicken wings.

Monkey Banquet. The Province Of Lop Buri, Thailand

Every year the local population cooks a variety of foods from vegetables and fruits to 600 primates who live in the nearby woods and happily run to eat sweets. Actually the holiday is dedicated to the famous God Rama, to which the monkey helped to win a brilliant victory.

Holi — festival of colors in new Delhi, India

It is an ancient festival of India, celebrating the onset of spring, the expulsion of evil, the rebirth of life. The celebration begins on the full moon and lasts for 2 days. A folk festival, during which the inhabitants of colored water over each other and give a bright, colorful colored powders.

Tomatina. The Village Of Buñol, Spain

One of the most popular and exciting holidays Spain is considered the tomato massacre. Every year about 35 thousand bangs are going in the village of buñol, tomato fight in battles. The feast takes more than 100 tons of ripe tomatoes. In order to avoid complex injuries, tomato first, knead in hand. Many probably interested in harvesting time square. There after the fun, the area is cleaned with water from hoses.

Citron — Day orange. France

The celebration takes place in Menton on the Cote d’azur. During operation, the entire city is decorated with sculptures of oranges, limes, grapefruits, lemons. There was a record number of tourists. For the celebration of orange city visited more his people.

Day Of Herring. Kaliningrad, Russia

The holiday is celebrated every year, but not as amazing, but he is virtually unknown in other parts of the country. With the onset of the second Saturday of April on the streets of the city begins with a festive procession, during which local cooks prepare many dishes using herring, and closer to the evening, visitors and locals go for the gala concert.

Holiday naked. Japan

Even with 767, originated the tradition of celebrating this holiday. The feast is that about three thousand men dressed only in loincloths, are the so-called purification ceremony, which takes place only in the temple. After the ceremony they are marching on the city, while allowing anyone to touch them. According to local tradition it is believed that if you touch a naked person, having undergone the rite of purification, it will take misfortune and trouble.