In venecianskiy carnival - the most beautiful holiday in Europe, and for those who loves him, is the most beautiful in the world. Cold wind blows from the lagoon, dampness…

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Carnival of Venice: history and traditions of the most famous holiday in Italy
  Traditionally, before strict fasting during the ten days before carnival in Italy bright and colorful cope lush Carnivals, which literally translated from Italian means – "farewell to meat" (ital.…

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10 unusual festivals of the world


Finns are favorite of women at the hands not only on the wedding day, but during this festival. Locals say that the idea of the festival is rooted in the tradition of stealing wives. Championship takes place July 4 in the town of Sonkajarvi.

Participants must cover the distance of 250 meters steeplechase. If the wife is 49 pounds lighter, that men be given extra weighting. The championship is fun, but injuries and abrasions participants also occur regularly.

La Tomatina, Spain

Footage and photos from this fun-filled holiday can often be seen. The battle of ripe tomatoes is happening in the last week of August in the town of Buñol. Part in the battle and take locals and tourists in large numbers gather for a holiday in Spain. The rules are very simple: they can throw at each other only ripe tomatoes and any other items that you cannot tear the clothes on the opponents or otherwise use physical force, it is impossible to prevent trucks moving “ammunition”.

The battle lasts for 2 hours, after which they can take a shower in a specially built shower.

Championship diving into the swamp, UK

Because Wales is rich in marshland, the residents decided to organize a championship narinig in the swamp. Swim need a little or a lot of 55 meters. However, you can use the flippers and masks. The prizes for all the participants, who found the courage to dive into the swamp. Championship takes place on the last Monday of August.

Monkey buffet, Thailand

In the city of Lopburi, there are about 2000 monkeys. Once a year the locals prepare rich food for them. In the ruins of an abandoned temple place table 7 meters in diameter, on which is placed about 2 tons of fruit.

Initially, the monkeys are very cautious and fruit from the table to steal, but then you realize that this holiday is for them, pounce on the meal with a squeal.

The herring festival, the Hague, the Netherlands

The Netherlands is a country where people for centuries have been associated with fishing. It is not surprising that the beginning of the season of the herring fishery is a holiday. According to tradition, first ton caught herring is transmitted to the Royal family of the Netherlands. The city hosts fairs, competitions, but more importantly is a contest to eat as many herring. Passed all on the first Saturday of June.

The mud festival, South Korea

Collected and hardworking Koreans allow yourself to relax not common, but they have holidays when you can feel like a child, to wallow in the mud. This holiday combines the useful with the pleasant – mud, in which are lying the Koreans, therapeutic and beneficial to the skin. The venue is the beach Techon.

The pig festival in France

Festival rules are very simple – the participants should be as similar to pigs by their behavior, voice, habits. Participants show scenes from the life of Vineuil – from birth to mating and death. One of the main criteria – we need to scream and grunt, most like a real pig. The winner gets a pig carcass, cooked in the best traditions of the local cuisine.

The flower parade, Holland

The country of tulips, endless colorful fields in the first weekend of September holds a very nice holiday parade of colors. On the main street of the town of Aalsmeer, there is a procession platforms with flowers in the shape of animals, fairy tales. During the parade of musicians and dancers, decorated the entire city. One of the most beautiful holidays of the world.

The festival of light, Germany

Holiday appeared relatively recently, in 2005. For two weeks in October, Berlin becomes a fairytale city, filled with light installations. The lights on the facades of the houses and monuments, the tower and the cathedrals. Tourists to be able to see all the amazing installation in Berlin ply special buses, trams, taxis, and even balloons.