Top of the most unusual festivals in the world
  Safe to say that no person in the world who doesn't love to celebrate the holidays. We are happy to congratulate your relatives, friends, colleagues happy birthday, happy Valentine's…

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Venice carnival goes
  From the 6th to the 16th of February in Venice is the most famous carnival in Europe. At least so say the residents of the city, dotted with canals.…

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Photo of the most spectacular celebrations of the world


Looking at this picture, remember the movie “pirates of the Caribbean”. when the ship “the Pearl” are scarab beetles in the sand.

Ship or Yacht, swims among the sand,it dipped to a building on wheels. This yacht is one of the attractions of the festival Burning Man.

This event creates team spirit when people feel the holistic community, and understand the fundamentals of art and freedom of expression and thought. The festival is held every year in Black Rock desert, Nevada.

Ganesh Festival, India

The celebration of Ganesh Chaturthi (lasts for 10 days) pays tribute to the popular Hindu God with elephant head.In every homes, like the Christmas tree in Russia, Hindus decorate their idol God.The peak of the festive day, on the tenth day, a huge statue of the Hindu God in the Arabian sea. Thus, they give a huge honor and gratitude to God.

The Feast Of The Black Nazarene, Philippines

On the streets of Manila, parade, where believers precipitated a huge image of Christ, the Black Nazarene. Every year this festival attracts hundreds of thousands of Christians. Taken at a parade to go barefoot and leave your clothes to the organizers, in the hope that their things will RUB the statue and return to their rightful owners. People believe in the supernatural powers of the statue for 400 years, perhaps because of its incredible history. While traveling from Mexico in 1606, on the boat, which was carrying a statue, a fire broke out, but the statue, though blackened, was saved.

In Russia, this story is similar to the wonderworking icon.

Mardi Gras, Louisiana

Fat Tuesday , the translation into the Russian language – a classic celebration in New Orleans. This annual festival gives Christians the opportunity to have some fun before the beginning of Lent. In New Orleans, collecting beads is part of the celebration since, as the organizers began throwing them into the crowd, in the early 20-ies.

Carnival, Brazil

Gorgeous festival, where Gracyanne Barbosa leading the Samba school of Mangueira, participates in the carnival in the streets of Rio de Janeiro in 2009. Samba dance was born in Rio, remains the heart of the city, and is the basis of perhaps the most original carnival parade. The decorations on the girl the same chic as the online store of wedding accessories. In 1920 one of the biggest festivals in the world gather musicians, dancers and designers, representing the city schools, where study participants during the year.

The Panagbenga flower festival, Philippines

Dancer chosen by voting, sprays out water during the Panagbenga flower festival, which is held every year in February in Baguio city, Philippines. Panegbenga – a term that literally means “flowering”. The feast is given in honor of flowering in the country.

Loy Krathong, Thailand

The festival of Loy Krathong draws its celebration of the place of his birth – the Sukhothai historical Park in Thailand, where lie the ruins of the ancient capital of the country. In light of the last full moon of the year, Thais are allowed on the water banana leaves (Krathong), giving them the prayers and hopes for the new year.

Holi festival, Malaysia

Little girl,miss Malaysia, covered with colored powder during the Holi festival. Hindu religious celebration, held every year in kalua Lumpur, Malaysia.

By the way Russia Madina: recently began to celebrate the festival of colors .

Jazz festival and traditions of New Orleans

Show Houma Indians on the jazz festival and traditions in New Orleans is different unrivaled beauty.

Diwalli, the Festival of lights, Rajasthan

In Jaipur, the capital of the Indian state of Rajasthan, people with candles to celebrate Diwali, the Hindu festival of lights. This festival lasts for five days and marks the beginning of a new year and the victory of light over darkness.