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HOMESTEAD jazz. Famous festival celebrates anniversary


M. S.: we are planning several special projects. In particular, we publish a collection of the best works of musicians participating in the festival for 10 years. In addition, we have tried to bring many musicians that are open at the festival. This time will be added to the elements of entertainment, teatralizovannoe.

For this jubilee year, we came with a full Arsenal of knowledge and understanding of how it should be. A large emphasis in recent years do not only to create an interesting musical program, but also to make people stay at the festival quite comfortable. The first years we didn’t know how and what people feed than their more entertaining than music. And today ’s Usadba Jazz” is an event with good food, great entertainment program for children. I am the mother of three children, so at some point, I began to pay attention to the fact that people were not afraid to bring the whole family. This year we will have many children’s workshops, active play.

As we already began to come not so much for music, how to have a good time in the company of nice people. From the outset, all noted that comes to us always very intelligent audience, so there’s never any incidents tend to happen at public events. Apparently, the place itself uplifts people. And in this sense we do not need the police, the OMON.

«AIF”: – Your audience are adults?

M. S.: For the past 10 years on “the festival” there was a real revolution. We started with three sites, and now there are six. By itself, the manor is so arranged that we were able to locate different sites, independent from each other, not overlapping. In particular, there is a scene where the sound of swing, rock-n-roll, cabaret – direction, the base of which is improvised music. Due to the fact that we have offered a wide spectrum of music, our audience has significantly rejuvenated. And on the first festivals came mainly age audience with children and even grandchildren who were attracted by the word “jazz”.

«AIF”: Cabaret, rock-n-roll. Stated also country music and chanson. This year you are “Aquarium” and Alexander Sklyar. What does this have to do with jazz?

The article on the topic

M. S.: Jazz is a kind of core around which you build the entire music program with a large palette of styles. And of course, we are not the sounds of chanson that exists on our stage, and the chanson in its proper sense, by the way, with the Frenchman­ski this word is translated as “th­I”. Group “Aquarium” in the form in which it exists now, is a very interesting project, perfectly fit in a jazz format and in rock festival.

This year we are doing more and all-Russian competition of young performers – only competition, which in these genres exist. In the jury we are sitting Directors of major festivals.

From Katamadze to Butman

M. S.: The “pit” (the most massive stage, which housed about 7 thousand spectators) will be made by the musicians working for a mass audience, Nino Katamadze, “Aquarium” advanced international list, “Silver wedding” from Belarus, American rhythm-and-Blues band Blended 328 and very interesting French band Caravan Palace, working in the genre electrocuting. This is music in the style of the 50s, laid on modern electronic rhythms. And Igor Butman, Oleg Lundstrem orchestra and band “Pompeii”.