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Festival Bright people will be held in the capital for the second time


The program of the festival is a Grand theatrical performance prepared by modern Directors: Yu Muravitsky, A. Zherebtsova, G. Piccinin, E. Poldi, D. Vasiliev, D. Aroseva, J. Makeev, J. Kwiatkowski, A. Afonin. Carnivals, vivid performances and it was completely experimental exhibition will unfold along the boulevards, involving those who will be on the streets.

From 12.00 till late evening for all residents and guests of Moscow will be working with dozens of creative workshops, to participate in as a family.

For the first time in the festival audience will be shown the premiere performances of the best street theatre: “Tall Brothers “, “the Fire People”, “Liquid Theatre”, “Theatre HERE” (“Theatre of taste”), “Spam-theatre”, “the Circus Charles La Tanna”, “Wandering dolls Gospodinova the Pejo”, “Circle II”, “Antique circus”.

Also at the festival provided a rich musical program: group «underwood”, Moscow orchestra «Pakava’it”, orchestra Balkan music «Bubamara”, the band carnival music «Maracatu” the group “Crooks”, an Italian of the “Marsh Mellows”, the orchestra of St. Petersburg ’Dobranotch” the group ’s Seen! Know” and others.

The festival ’s Brightest people” was first held in 2012 at the initiative of the Moscow Credit Bank, who celebrated last year its 20th anniversary. This year the event is included in the program of the Moscow summer city festival ’s Best city in the world”, and the Bank became a partner of the urban project.

“We are very excited for the opportunity to contribute to the feast, open to all young Muscovites miracles associated with creativity and art, – said the Chairman of the management Board of Credit Bank of Moscow Vladimir Chubar. – It may be that the festival will help to reveal and transform children’s talents in the whole thing, of course, a bright and happy life”.

July 7 all venues of the festival ’s Brightest people” will perform more than 1,000 actors, craftsmen and artists from around the world. For the creative atmosphere of the festival best answer Studio participants: “Tree of tales”, “Constellation”, “Loulaki” Museum “Experimentanium”, “Wind Bureau», «Cardboardia”, “Greenhouse”, “the British school of design”, and “Bread doesn’t grow on trees”, a center for children ’s The shard”, workshops “Seasons”, workshops ’s Brewery”, “the Bottle” and many others.

The main idea of city events new format — not to entertain, but to engage — guests will not be just spectators, but active participants in the carnival procession, performances, workshops.

«We want to put in motion animate the whole urban space, — said the organizer of the festival, Maria Galperina. — we will not Have static scenes, the artists will be performing on movable structures, show Wall Dance will be presented by French company Les passagers, artists which will present a Grand show, which opens to the viewer a new dimension of street theatre. They perform difficult stunts being suspended on steel cables and a platform for performances are sheer walls of city buildings and high-rise structures”.