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The Most unusual festivals in the world
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The feast of the icon of the Mother of God


For centuries in Russia, the image of the virgin is considered one of the most revered icon, which has great power – cures blindness, and also saves you from many other diseases, but primarily from those that are associated with eyes and vision. Besides this icon bless the newlyweds, to live in peace and harmony. Believers even dated the day of veneration of this icon: every year they fall on 21 July and 4 November. Accordingly, summer Kazan in 2015, we have the summer holiday of the Kazan icon of the mother of God will also be held on July 21. Summer is the time to turn to this icon for help young and unmarried boys and girls and their parents that the couple lived in happiness and harmony. On the same day performed rituals for rich harvest.

First summer Kazan began to be celebrated in the sixteenth century, when the mother of God three times was a little girl the matron in 1579 during the fire in Kazan when burned Christian part of the city. The girl’s mother began to dig specified in dreaming Matrons place and saw the icon of the Mother of God: previously it was kept at mother of God monastery founded by Ivan the Terrible. People come in here and asked for help from her, and Kazan icon all helped.

Signs and ceremonies in summer the Kazan mother of God 2015

To harvest was rich. From July 21 began the harvest of rye. Cut the first sheaf and brought it home, put the Mother of God and asked her blessings for a good harvest. After dinner we all went on the field and they made a feast with eggs and pies, chips, and shells were collected after the end of the meal were scattered to the four corners of the field, spoke these words: “mother of God, bless and harvest a rich gift. Amen. Amen. Amen”! Then was supposed to bow to all four sides of light and cross three times.

To get married soon to come. The girls were encouraged to go out at midnight from 20 to 21 July on the hill there and gather up a variety of herbs, and then bring them home and put the icon of the Mother of God, and then go to bed. In the morning we had to rise, wash, three times wiping the face with the hem of her nightgown and read the “our father”. Then take the pot at the icon and throw it over himself, standing under herbal the rain, thinking about love. Close your eyes and see your lover, ask in your own words the mother of God to help you to be with him.

To end of suitors was not. Another interesting ceremony at Kazan summer for young girls. Need to gather up July 21 weed since different households, where the single guys live (if you live in an apartment building, you can grass to rip at the entrance and put on some time to the door of the bachelor: just leave him there for five minutes, after which it can be picked up). All the grass is supposed to bring home and lay a track of them, starting from the front door and to his bed. Walk on it and to sentence these words: “mother of God, the grass at the threshold have collected and brought home. Walk down the herbal path, bless you. Let the end of suitors and love in my home will arrive!” To walk around it seven times, and then at lunch to collect and Deposit to the icon. When dry, they can be crushed and scattered to the wind, to grooms from all sides came. Young lived in goodness and peace. If a young family less than a year old, the parents of the newly made spouses can conduct such a ritual. July 21, young mothers go to the morning service and put a candle at the icon of the Mother of God for the good health of the young, after the service, giving three three coins to the needy, standing at the temple say to myself these words: “In Kazan pray blessings to the servants of God (names of spouses) lived in peace and harmony. Mother of God, help a family save them forever!”. To leave, not looking back.

That sight was good. When vision problems need to Kazan summer to buy a small icon depicting mother of God with which to go to any body of water, three times to cross himself and kiss an icon, saying these words: “mother of God, help me Zor keep strong!”. Wash eyes with water. It would be good to have to lower the water to a face with open eyes.