The Most delicious treat on the planet
Even random aisle of God, came on this day to the House of culture "fee", not knowing what a triumph it's about usual, would have understood: something to do with…

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Fall festival
  8 December in the malachite hall RosNOU accounting concert of the Theatre Studio of the University. The program, which showed the guys was called "autumn festival". And this is…

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Festivals and competitions

Festival “chain” forum where leading writers, critics, publishers and fans of the genre fiction. The event has been held since 1981 and is the oldest in the country the festival of fantasy or as they are called – the convent.

From 2003 to 2009 guests of honor were such famous writers as a classic of world fiction Robert Sheckley, one of the greatest American fiction writer Michael Swanwick, domestic fiction classics Vladislav Krapivin and Vasily Golovachev, “the Queen of cyberpunk” Pat Cadigan, a wonderful writer and screenwriter Alan Dean foster, the famous British writer Christopher priest. Last God the decision of the Head of Ekaterinburg, the festival is included in the official list of events dedicated to the celebration of city Day.

To date, the assets of the festival seven prizes awarded to the winners:

main prize “chain” (all-Russian prize of the jury for the successful creative activity and great contribution to the development of Russian fiction),

prize “Start” (all-Russian prize of the jury for best debut book last year, written in Russian in the genre of fiction),

the award of a name of I. A. Efremov (prize of the organizing Committee of the festival for outstanding editorial, organizational and educational work in the realm of fantasy),

the prize named after V. I. Bugrova (prize of the organizing Committee for the outstanding derivative, bibliographic, literary and critical work in the realm of fantasy),

award «Eurasia” (prize of the city Administration, the author of fantastic works that cite the Urals and Ekaterinburg; not awarded every year),

The order of the “Knight of science fiction” (prize of the organizing Committee of the festival for his contribution to the development of the national movement of science fiction (fandom),

“The Great Master of Sc-Fi & Fantasy” (prize of the organizing Committee of the festival to a foreign visitor for outstanding contribution to world fiction).

All the years prizes are made by Ural masters, being original works of art. Twenty-five years of existence of the festival, it became the winners Strugatsky brothers, Alexander Kazantsev, Vladislav Krapivin, Kir Bulychev, Sergei Lukyanenko, Gennady Prashkevich, Sergey Pavlov, Vasily Zvyagintsev, cosmonaut Georgy Grechko, the artist Eugene Sterligov and many others. In 2006 the first prize “The Great Master of Sc-Fi & Fantasy” award-Alan Dean foster; in 2008 the award was received by the famous English writer Christopher priest.

With the support of the Department of culture on the results of the all-Russian Seminar of Literary Fiction at the festival “chain” released 5 collections of works of promising writers, forthcoming sixth.

In the framework of the festival are:

press conference with guests and winners of the Festival (with the participation of leading mass media of the city),

the autograph session of famous writers,

meetings with writers, critics, publishers,

TV and radio interviews with the authors,


various public events.

Constantly ensured wide media support leading media holding companies operating in the region.

Festival of fantasy “chain” is a historic event for the city of Yekaterinburg and Russia. Hard to find in the cultural life of the country to the East from Moscow phenomenon, which has a comparable age. I would not like to use analogies too high, but the value for the sphere of literature and on the scale of Russia is hardly less than, for example, the value of the world championship in any sport for the global sports community. The first festival of Russian fiction conventions included in the list of the American magazine “Fandom Directory”.

In the organizers ‘ plans include expansion of the range of activities of the festival – in particular, in cooperation with the cinema “salute” the festival is already held demonstrations fiction films. It is planned to organize competitions in network computer games with the establishment of the special prize, organization of fairs fantasy gifts and items of historical reconstruction.