Fall festival
  8 December in the malachite hall RosNOU accounting concert of the Theatre Studio of the University. The program, which showed the guys was called "autumn festival". And this is…

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The Most beautiful holidays of the world
  February 28, begins one of the most ambitious, elegant and fabulous festivals in the world — the Carnival in Rio de Janeiro. Don't have new photos, forcing eyes climb…

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Festival favorite toy. Holidays in kindergarten

To create an environment of emotional well-being, to provide children with the opportunity to relax and to get new impressions, to form a desire to actively participate in the event. to develop monologic speech of children.

To create a sense of community, friendly attitude towards each other and adults, respect for the toys.

Previous work: writing children stories about your favorite toy, the design of the exhibition “My favourite toy”, conversations with children about caring for toys, recitation competition “Poems about toys” and making kids paper bunnies (origami).

Organization and technique of entertainment.

Entertainment is held in the music hall. There in different places spaced groups children’s favourite toys they brought from home. At one end of the hall — area. where are the books toys. There sits the librarian.

Children comes to visit Celestic and informs them that all their toys are gone in toy town for the holiday.

Evostik: And you want to get to the festival? (children’s responses). Then gather. In toy town you are waiting.

Children are in the hall. Evostik invites children to explore the room. In the hall of the exhibition of toys made of paper made by children.

Evostik: Oh, guys. Look, what beautiful bunnies. Who made them?

Children: It’s us.

Evostik: And teach me to make these kind of bunnies?

Children: of Course, teach!

Evostik suited to the exhibition of drawings: Oh. And here is what beautiful toys. Who painted them?

Children: It’s us.

Evostik: done! Just like real artists.

Teacher: Evostik, did you like toy town? Look how big it is. Here are some stations to get to the desired station, we need to choose a transport. Children, on what transport we will go to the first station? (children’s responses)

Depending on what transport children choose, the choice of music for the movement of children. For example, children chose the car. The music of the Marching children get a Druze friend and “go” to the destination.

Teacher: Well, that’s the first station. It is called “Soft toys”. Let’s sit down and hear about them. Who is the owner of this great and good Luntik?

Children whose toys are at this station, talk about them. Evostik praises the children, helps with questions.

Chaostic: I now want to get on that station.

Teacher: Evostik, let’s ask the guys on the type of vehicle they want to go there.

Children choose another form of transport and under the appropriate music to move the station “Library”.

Librarian: Hello, guys. You know, in our library, too, live toys. Only these toys are unusual, this books toys. They tell themselves about themselves. Look, here Bear. And turn it the other side and see the book. Listen to what he says about himself (read the excerpt from the book). And want to learn. that will tell you about myself other toys? Then invite them to your group and learn many interesting things about them.

Evostik: Well, what do we have to go to another station. What are we going to go? (children choose transport)

Teacher: This station is called “Technical”. Toys at this station are able to move, to spin, and maybe something else can do?

Let’s ask their owners.

Children’s stories.

Evostik also invites children to the station “Puppet”, where the children also talk about their toys.

Teacher: Well, at all stations visited?

Children: Yes!

Evostik: But I see another interesting station.

Educator: Yes, I see her too. Station to “Parent”. Will go there?

At this station parents tell about their favorite toys.

In conclusion, Cavotec offers to arrange for toys holiday. Children put their toys in a circle, the game is played “Loaf” for toys.

And then each child dancing with his toy.