The Most unusual festivals in the world
  Monkey Banquet (Monkey Buffet) in the province of lop Buri. Each year approximately 600 monkeys are invited to the dinner, which consists of a variety of fruits and vegetables.…

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World Festival Miss Burlesque
World Festival Miss Burlesque In last weekend was one of the brightest and most enchanting festivals of spring – World Festival Miss Burlesque 2015. The award is 4 year selects…

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Menu children’s party – cook not I


With the approaching birth of your baby you begin to think of how to arrange a holiday to please and his child, and his young guests. I hope that our little tips will help you with this.

The first thing to REMEMBER: the child is delighted with what he sees. So try to decorate as brighter place. Hang garlands, flags, flowers, balloons. Prepare hats, masks, magic wands, glasses with fake mustaches, noses, etc. Prepare music menu – children love to dance, give them the disco. Remove all fragile and cherished objects. If you are expecting young guests, do not use breakable dishes: children may be injured or frightened. Upholstered furniture cover some bedspreads that are easily to wash.

This children’s birthday party – what a tornado! Give them plenty fun, don’t limit freedom. Have patience, because you have a goal – to create a festive atmosphere that your child n after many years of remembering this day.

Another important aspect of the holiday menu. Children who have a healthy appetite and eat with pleasure – units. Therefore, from hearty meat and other dishes “the company” give up immediately. The children’s menu plays a role, not satiety, and originality: get creative and decorate originally the simplest dishes.

If the holiday menu includes a few changes, break the treat into several intakes. For example, first serve salads and cold snacks. Take a short break, during which you can hold contests and quizzes. Then – hot, then it is possible to play the game again. At this time the pause will be longer. It is already possible to use outdoor games. And towards the end of the holiday serve dessert. After dessert, you can run a contest, make a small concert.

If a holiday is scheduled for the morning, you can do without “heavy” dishes, limiting the salads, cold dishes, dessert. The afternoon and evening you can do everything in full. Time of year must also be taken into account.

Kids are impatient, so you can’t keep them the order of serving dishes. Before the holiday, be sure to ask your parents if your guests have allergies to some products.

Energy in children in excess, hollow not expect that they will be the party to sit at the table If you want the guests do not get bored, think in advance about the program, It can be easy to enter the contest or lottery, but always with prizes. You will certainly see the joy in the eyes of your little guests by handing them these little prizes.

And last. not isolates in etiquette, at a children’s party it’s inappropriate! Keep it simple: a spoon and a fork. What you need to cut, cut themselves in advance. The older children, you can provide all the necessary appliances. And that kids, is passionate about the game, didn’t spend a lot of time to snack, you may make regular meals, and to prepare a buffet table. Leave the guys for a while, to feel freer, conduct contests and give time to discuss their experiences and prizes unattended. Periodically look to give us a new idea if you get bored.

Arrange in advance with the parents what time they will pick up the kids, and try to build a program so that it ended by this time.