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Be Surprised beautiful: the most beautiful city in the world


The font size of Every traveler wants to visit the most beautiful cities in the world. Someone gives the first place to the romantic city of Paris, and some people prefer unique Barcelona. No matter where you want go in the first place. Any of the following cities will make your vacation a tale that you will remember forever!

1. Paris in France

This city is known as the best place to travel romantics and couples. Unique, European, breathing beauty and elegance, French charm and outstanding ease of Paris will allow you to be in a totally different world. Here will be an unforgettable walk along the Champs Elysees, enjoy a Cup of hot coffee in the local coffee shop, to see the magnificent scenery of the city with the famous Eiffel tower.

2. London in the UK

In the UK you can also find some of the most beautiful cities in the world. One of them is considered elegant, restrained and welcoming London. He is known in every corner of the planet nebula and its overcast weather, which gives it a special charm and uniqueness. You will be amazed by the unique culture, tasty and delicious food, rich history, beautiful fashion, amazing architecture and lots of opportunities for interesting entertainment. Be sure to stroll across Tower bridge, big Ben and visit the Palace of Westminster – the most interesting sights in London.

3. Rio de Janeiro in Brazil

Rio de Janeiro is in Brazil on the beautiful coast of the Atlantic ocean. The unique climate gave the city a huge amount of stunning scenery, wide sandy beaches and beautiful attractions. There can also surprise with a huge cultural, architectural and historical heritage of Rio de Janeiro. The most striking architectural ornament of the city is the statue of Christ the Redeemer, whose height is 38 meters.

4. Prague in the Czech Republic

The most beautiful city in the world is also a cozy European city of Prague in the Czech Republic. It is called “the city of a thousand towers”. Indeed, in Prague you can see many beautiful old buildings, Gothic churches, magnificent bridges, strong fortresses and picturesque towers. The city atmosphere is mysterious and romantic. It is difficult to remain without positive emotions and pleasant aftertaste. In addition you will receive a unique Czech beer and the opportunity to stroll through a beautiful green parks of Prague.

5. New York in USA

New York- “capital of the world” and the newest and most influential city on the planet. He has always been considered a symbol of the vast human potential, freedom and independence. Here you can meet representatives of different nationalities and cultures. Grand modern buildings and skyscrapers give it uniqueness and attract millions of tourists from different cities of the world.

6. Venice in Italy

The most beautiful city in the world, certainly in Italy. First of all, this is Venice, full of romance, wonder and mystery. It is located on 118 small Islands, which creates a special attraction for travelers. In Venice, you will enjoy unforgettable gondola rides, stunning architecture, unparalleled in the world, famous carnivals and delicious Venetian cuisine.

7. Barcelona in Spain

Barcelona Spain may justly bear the title of one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Here every tourist will find something to their liking. The mood and atmosphere of Barcelona, positive, bright and Sunny. By visiting this wonderful place, you will be able to rest on the sea, to visit one of the interesting museums, enjoy a delicious local cuisine, as well as to join the nightlife of Spain.

What are the most beautiful cities in the world have you visited? Share your messages in the comments. And may you always have luck!