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Fall festival
  8 December in the malachite hall RosNOU accounting concert of the Theatre Studio of the University. The program, which showed the guys was called "autumn festival". And this is…

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Sixth “Pushkin autumn in Odessa”


In Odessa started the sixth festival of Russian culture and poetry “Pushkin autumn”. In autumn morning, the citizens have gathered on the Boulevard near the monument to the great poet, to make a solemn start to the festival and to lay flowers to the monument. And then — moved to the intersection of Deribasovskaya and Rishelievskaya. Why — you know our correspondents.

“Pushkin autumn” festival of Russian culture and poetry. This year, its launch coincided in Odessa in the autumn calendar. On wet the promenade in front of the monument to the Great poet gathered all fans of not only his creativity, but also the entire Russian culture and poetry in General, to open the festival “Pushkin autumn in Odessa”.

Tatyana Markova, Director of the Department of culture and tourism of Odessa city Council

We are talking about the fact that Odessa — it’s festival capital, this event capital. In Odessa you need to go not only when the beautiful sea, but even when such is not very friendly weather – just a little drizzling rain, still very warm in the shower. so we are very grateful to the organizer – Oleg Borushko for this great idea every time several transformed, mutated, something new is introduced, for us it is certainly very important and it in a number of a large number of events 160 events and festivals will take place in Odessa this year, this is also a very significant event for us. The three-day festival “Pushkin autumn in Odessa” will be held in our city for the sixth year in a row, and, of course, managed to get many traditions. Traditionally, the main festival event is the all-Ukrainian competition of poets. This year it will be held on September 27 at the Odessa Philharmonic at 14:00.

Oleg Borushko, Chairman of the festival of Russian culture and poetry “Pushkin autumn in Odessa”

from 24 cities of Ukraine were submitted. in the final of the second round came 14 poets from 6 cities of Ukraine and they are at the Philharmonic tomorrow will compete for the title «King of Poets of Ukraine 2013″.In this event, Central festival always.

The winner will receive a special prize — a trip to Cambridge to participate in the Super poets of the Russian Diaspora. To determine the best at the contest in Odessa will be creative young people with their applause. Another tradition of the “Pushkin autumn in Odessa” — on the day of the start of the festival to discover new Pushkin topographic images in Odessa. Last year this sign was a memorial plaque on the Passage, devoted to Lev Pushkin. This year the tradition began to change.

Oleg Borushko, Chairman of the festival of Russian culture and poetry “Pushkin autumn in Odessa”

and we are opening an art object, a Shadow at the corner of Pushkin Deribasovskaya-Richelieu, 20 meters from the house Reno, where he has lived for 13 months of his exile in Odessa. Wrote three chapters of Eugene Onegin, as very few people from inhabitants of Odessa knew until today.

Even before the opening of an art object «the Shadow of Pushkin» he had opponents. However, inspirers and supporters of this Pushkin topographic images believe that evaluation should be approached creatively, not literally.

Oleg Gubar, local historian

naturally, it is a metaphor, because, as, for example, are the opponents –let’s see how it really goes the sun and how shadows are falling…Pushkin went there at different times of day, in different months, in different seasons, and even here the situation is. what this represents is how sepreatly Pushkin in Odessa sidewalks, in the space of this city. He walked through this city. And there recreated a fragment of such a sidewalk that was in the days of Pushkin. 9

Everyone knows that Alexander Pushkin was called “the sun of Russian poetry”. But without the sun — not trimmed and shadow. Here in Odessa and now there is the shadow of the great poet, which, who knows, maybe will come to life at night and walk through the cobbled streets of the city centre.

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