Moderator: Dear friends, today is a great day for us. Today dubbed his son's family.......It would not be fair, celebrating the birthdays of the earth, to keep silent about…

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Sixth "Pushkin autumn in Odessa"
  In Odessa started the sixth festival of Russian culture and poetry "Pushkin autumn". In autumn morning, the citizens have gathered on the Boulevard near the monument to the great…

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Open festival of arts “Inspiration”

This weekend the territory of ENEA will be a source of inspiration for creativity. Dancers, musicians and installers will come together and present a fundamentally new view of ballet, music, theater and architecture. Guests will be able to see three-dimensional performances, participate in musical laser show, to see dance performances on the water.

The festival will combine modern technology and classical art. And all this under the open sky ENEA Park. Art project will be held from 26 July to 1 August.

There will be an informal opening of the Festival of arts. In the Green theater ENEA will feature Giuseppe Verdi’s Opera “La Traviata”. A tragic love story set Moscow academic theatre. The Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko. Musical Director of the Opera and conductor-honored artist of Russia Felix Korobov.

The show will be held under the open sky. Green theatre will transform the scenery and the light that was created specially for the show.

Start — 20:00

Admission is free

The dance show will open arts Festival in the pavilion №66 “Culture”. Modern dance and interactive projections on the walls of the pavilion will make the audience directly. The synthesis of technology and art — the basis of the show.

The space around will come to life. Video projections will take visitors in the near future — in a new world of ENEA. The play for this evening will be repeated three times.

The authors of the project — Russian choreographer Anna abalakina and Creator of unique light shows Anton Tukaev.

Location: Main Avenue, the pavilion 66 “Culture”

Time: from 21:00 to 00:00

Admission is free

Every night one of these days, visitors can try their hand at creating a light installation. The project is called “Create art together!” Artists engage the audience in creating their light views.

On the Main alley will open four interactive sites. First — the fountain “Friendship”, the second — pavilion 1 “Central” third ” the fountain “the Stone flower” fourth ” night “laser” the sky above the Main exhibition of the country.

The main intrigue — what will be the creative finds guests? They will create a light score and choose the illuminated fountains. For some time the scenery visitors will be decorated ENEA.

Location: Main Avenue ENEA

Time: from 20:30 to 00:00

Admission is free

Open evening program «Theatre without borders”. Festival of street artists of Russia and the world will be held on the territory of VDNKH Park “observed”. But it will be only warming up before the main course.

The Central event Friday evening will take place on the Main Avenue. Street program ’s Three dimensions ENEA” prepared by the famous French theater «Les Plasticiens Volants”.

The participants of this show under the open sky will not only artists, but also huge figures hovering over the Main walkway. By the way, the French theatre ’s Plastic shuttlecocks” has repeatedly distinguished himself in the past. His soaring giant fish, octopus and seahorses participated in the opening ceremonies of the Olympics in Barcelona and Sydney. They were constantly invited to participate in the most important events in the life of France and the rest of the world.

This theater has agreed to come to the festival “Inspiration” of ENEA.

«Theatre without borders”

Place: ENEA Park and “movies”

Time: from 17:00 to 20:30

«Three measurements ENEA”

Location: Main Avenue

Time: start from 21:00

Admission is free

The morning will continue with a festival of street performers ’s Theatre without borders”. All the green space will encompass a Grand celebration. For the first time on one platform will intend more than 150 stilts from around the world! Best street zesty and aspiring actors are invited to participate in their miniatures guests of the Park. They will be performing all day.