Brazilian carnivals and Carnival in Rio de Janeiro
  May 28, 2012 Brazil is considered the country of carnivals, in many of its cities held their own carnivals, but one of the world's best known and most spectacular…

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Carnival of Trinidad and Tobago
Trinidad and Tobago is known for rich culture, the main part of which is considered to be the annual carnival. In the ranking of the best carnivals of the world…

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Gypsy ensemble Argo, Gypsy band, show program


So surprised and positive emotions appear among the guests, when suddenly the artists Gypsy ensemble, begin to sing and dance with the guests receive a glass of the hero of the occasion! Almost 15 years I have been doing music congratulations to the restaurant, office, outdoors, near the registry office…

Each greeting is like another, embodying the ideas of customers, our Gypsy band comes in any point of Ukraine, sings a Serenade under the window, met at the airport by foreign delegations, accompanies the groom to the bride, dancing on bobbing on the waves of the boat, happy soul, with songs and dances by the campfire….

Artists Gypsy ensemble “Argo” act with dedication and pleasure because we like to give joy, to see the smiles of guests, and just to experience with You the beautiful moments of the Holiday.

We will gladly help you to realize Your dreams.

N a handsome voice, soulful sounds of the violin, ringing the shimmering guitars, virtuosic melodies of the accordion will impress guests.

You can invite Gypsy band Lyali Curly, wedding, anniversary, corporate party, birthday party, meeting guests, the bride.

And to order Gypsy show program for the concert, the party outdoors, christenings, proposal of marriage, matchmaking, New year, presentation. in any point of Ukraine by phone 050 4152428 or 067 9015622.

In our show program only favorite dance Gypsy songs : “Shaggy bumblebee”, “Two guitars”, “Gypsy girl with a yield”, “the long Road”, “Gypsy love song”, the song yashki Gypsy “Looked out the month and again”, “zingarella”, “Parmela”….

Intimate romances “And lastly, I’ll say”, “black Eyes”, “Ivushki”, “Janja Bergi”, “Sun”, “don’t go you’re my darling,” “Only time”, “Autumn dew”…

Gypsy songs Gypsy language, “Nane tsoha”, “Kai e ne”, “Sara Patra”, “Gena Roma”, “Plastering”, “Atrica”, “Ah Yes-Liu, da-you Liu, da lei”, “te ves”…

And fiery Gypsy dance with a handkerchief, a tambourine, fans, Gypsy tricks and fractions. All this is accompanied by jokes, toasts, readings, games.

We can act as a concert show program, or as an entertainment show, which is open to anyone. Entertainment show-program artists Gypsy ensemble invited to sing and dance all the guests: what’s the best Gypsy songs and dance can bring people together. Guests are included in the show with great pleasure! And “Oh, yeah one more time….”

Who doesn’t want to feel like at least a half hour party Gypsy, who doesn’t want to dance under the violin and the tambourine, and to show off under a Gypsy girl with a yield .

There is no such holiday, where Gypsy ensemble would look inappropriate, on the contrary, Gypsy wedding, Gypsy band birthday, Gypsy band at the party, always will be the highlight of any celebration throughout Ukraine, because it is no coincidence Gypsies-the artists were accompanied by the most important celebrations of aristocrats, without Gypsy songs and dances not do any lordly festivities…

Our Gypsy band can perform at events like equipment and electricity, with sound equipment and microphones. The Gypsy ensemble performance lasts from 10 minutes to 3 hours, either consecutively or intermittently.

We are able to feel guests, improvise, and adjusting the program to suit the mood of the company, and to stir even the most lazy, in General, the performance turns soulful and fun!

We take into account all Your wishes, cheering non-stop, if I went to “heat” and can sing soulful ballads, if requested, so that the soul turned and curled…