HOMESTEAD jazz. Famous festival celebrates anniversary
  M. S.: we are planning several special projects. In particular, we publish a collection of the best works of musicians participating in the festival for 10 years. In addition,…

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The Most unusual hotels in the world
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Venetian carnival parade costumes in Venice

The glorious city of Venice flourished in the mid-fifteenth century, long before there was the first Venetian carnival . as a member of the trade of the Hanseatic League. In this period lived in the city of nearly 200,000 people, which is a huge number for that time. In the ports of Venice was moored vessels from different parts of the world and the most unimaginable designs and types. The wealth of the Venetians allowed to invite famous artists who have built beautiful buildings and streets of the city that fascinates and today’s tourists.

During the XIV – XVI centuries, the Venetians created a magnificent, luxurious and elegant appearance of the city, which flattered the vanity of successful, strong and brave citizens who have achieved great success and brought together an incredible wealth. In the waters of the main channel was reflected 200 fancy palaces. In Venice mixed and organically combined a variety of styles – Western, Eastern, Moorish, Byzantine, etc. All this created a uniquely colorful and recognizable image of the city. And now Venice is like a stone boat, floating on the waves of countless channels.

The Venice carnival is the parade of costumes, and luxurious fancy, which, together with the mask represents the whole structure. Costume with mask covers the whole person and creates artistic and architectural image. In such suits it is almost impossible to move, only stately pace, showing himself, bowing slightly, making hand gestures, which usually keep the fan on, the wand or the mirror.

The carnival of Venice is a dream of a fantastic reincarnation, destroying all laws of the ordinary world, it is a celebration, full of unapproachable dignity and greatness. Carnival in Venice is a trip in a time machine back in the past, this incarnation of the secret of childhood dreams. The meaning of the Venetian carnival – the fun, the freedom, the liberty that is available to everyone. In the carnival can participate anyone, we need only to put on a mask and costume, and that’s a miracle of transformation happened. Any mask carnival unattainable – they cannot be hurt, to humiliate, upset. Wearing the mask people internally rises, falls short of the ideal.

In anticipation of spring carnivals are held in many countries, such as France, Germany and Brazil, and each of them has its own characteristics and flavor. But none of the carnival cannot compete Venetian neither its antiquity nor popularity, nor in scope. For as long as 12 days squares, bridges and streets of this unique city on the water are transformed into one huge stage where exciting performances unfold, the name of which – the Venetian carnival .

The roots of carnival are in the past, they originate from ancient pagan rites. Carnival is a modified word consisting of two Latin, which was called the ritual the wagon. During the carnival ritual wagon was constantly on the streets of Roman cities, where there was a special event – the Saturnalia. The Saturnalia is a festival dedicated to the Roman God of fertility (Saturn), during which occurred the transformation of the world. In those days there was neither slaves nor masters, and they both feasted at the same table. Such customs symbolized the return of the “Golden age” when all men were equal and lived in prosperity and harmony.

With the advent of Christianity the Saturnalia and other pagan customs were banned. However, the passion and eagerness of people to reincarnation remained. And slowly, he crawled out from under a solid framework of Christianity, people began to return to favorite holidays, which resonate in the soul of every man, being a part of its essence and soul. The first in Europe was done by the Venetians, organizing your annual Venetian carnival . which to this day attracts thousands of tourists and those wishing to participate in this magical event.