Venetian carnival parade costumes in Venice
The glorious city of Venice flourished in the mid-fifteenth century, long before there was the first Venetian carnival . as a member of the trade of the Hanseatic League. In…

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Where to go in February: the best carnivals and festivals in the world
  If you're not rested and walk up in the new year and Christmas holidays, perhaps you should remember that in the last winter month around the world are stunningly…

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the Most popular dance festivals in the world


1. Sensation

Born in Amsterdam, the festival immediately gathered 20 thousand fans of electronic rhythms. Organized by ID&T, this festival of Dutch turned into a worldwide, collecting around the world party people and choicest music of famous DJs.

At any time since 2000, landings of this event were such quantities as Tiesto, Armin van Buuren, David Guetta, Steve Angelo, Sebastian Ingrosso. Under cool mixes of the above-mentioned comrades, more than 100 thousand people, dressed in white, in the tradition of the festival, the up in smoke tour surrounded by acrobats, laser show and huge pillars of flame that periodically spews scene and the columns on the perimeter.

In short, the festival is not just a standard kicking movements to the music that you will meet at any local disco, but exciting eight-hour show, with animators, dancers and world pop celebrities.

2. Kazantip

The national dance festival, famous for the freedom of the spirit, and scope with each passing year more and more gaining momentum, takes place on the Crimean land, near the village Popovka near Evpatoria. More than 150 thousand people annually attracts on the vast territory to take part in the mega-tusah 15 scenes, listen to the performance of more than 300 DJs, and off for more than 20 dance floors, both indoors and near the sea.

It is noteworthy that every time Kazantip new concept, leadership in the face of ideological inspirer and founder of Nikita Marchenko, imagining different scenarios this masshtabnogo fest, from attack of the Martians until the New year right at the festival venue. The selection of speakers is not inferior to European counterparts, at Kazantip you can hear from these fellows: Paul van Dyk, Armin van Buuren, Sven Vath.

3. Street Parade

All fans of techno an urgent need to go to Switzerland, truly, this country is teeming with all sorts of amazing events very different directions. Dance festival Street Parade, founded in 1992, is a collection of people who above all else in the world revere love, equality and justice.

Dressing up in a variety of clothing, accessories, nekrashevych exotic makeup and absolutely not limiting yourself in the colors, crowds marching through the streets, dancing and singing, going to large areas, where on high the scenes are already waiting for their magicians console. This festival gathers about 600 thousand fans to light up the rhythms of techno, and about the same number of tourists who don’t want to miss such a large and bright, in all senses of the word, a spectacle.

4. Wendake

Let’s not dwell on contemporary music, and will move immediately in an unusual dance festival of Indians. Yes, this exists and it is carried out in Canada, a tribe of Hurons, the descendants of which remained after the extermination of the Indian tribes of the Americans. Swiping your event in the period of the thirteenth moon, the Indians believe that the holiday and “dance of friendship” will strengthen peace in the world, and at the same time coerce nature for a good harvest.

Lovers of Indian culture and just curious tourists from around the world flock to Canada, to look at the cultural customs of Indian life, to participate in dancing dancing and even dance in a ritual dance with the coloring of the face and putting feathers on the head is almost first hand – the founders of these traditions.

5. The Viennese ball

Dance festivals may be different. Some can hang out under 200 beats per minute, while others prefer to dress up in suit and hat, and his lady to contemplate in a wide dress with hoops. Fans of this type of dance rest gather in Vienna – where the ball season 5 thousand knights and ladies from all over the world lose, sorry, dancing to an old but excellent explanation of the Viennese waltz, Mazurka, quick-step, Foxtrot.

The event is held at the full extent of ballroom Protocol of the 19th century, and even more like a reconstruction of historical events. The festival is held in almost all major palaces, dance stores and large restaurants in Vienna, with its own hall. The main event takes place in the great hall of the old castle, 200 pairs dance, under the bewitching rhythms of classic ballroom music.