The Most unusual festivals in the world
  Monkey Banquet (Monkey Buffet) in the province of lop Buri. Each year approximately 600 monkeys are invited to the dinner, which consists of a variety of fruits and vegetables.…

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The Best spring festivals
  British newspaper the Independent named the 10 most interesting festivals taking place this spring. In the list of the best European events came and Dance Open – the ballet…

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Fall festival


8 December in the malachite hall RosNOU accounting concert of the Theatre Studio of the University. The program, which showed the guys was called “autumn festival”. And this is no coincidence: the concert consisted of scenes, poems and songs, with which our students under the guidance of Natalia Ivanovna’s Kursevich has repeatedly won at festivals .

Military themes, musical and lyrical numbers, secular theme, all the things that have already conquered the hearts of the audience festivals “Flying over the waves”, “Festos”, “on a par With century”, “sails of hope”, and new rooms, all that was on stage was great, impressed with the professionalism and sincerity…

We asked three Actresses of the Theatre Studio of RosNOU, repeated laureates and winners of theatre festivals to talk about his work. Do they have any special favorite for the role, are they like their characters, and the overlap of their theatrical and “real” life?

Anastasia Fursova: “Ballad of big brother” — this is probably my favorite song. I first came to drama school, and she is very precious to me. Another role that I highlight is “the Little Prince”. These roles are very different, I have quite different feelings.

In some moments of real and theatrical worlds intersect. Sometimes the experience of my characters helps to prevent mistakes in your own life.

Marina Lenkova: I can’t single out any certain role. It was not until a character that would fit with me. This is the main interest is to play the man who in daily life far from you.

For me theatre and real life are two completely different worlds. However, classes at the Studio to help adapt to real life. The knowledge we get here is priceless. Before proceeding to a role, you need to study a lot of details — and it’s motives, and character traits. We handle every era. So theatrical art helps to understand people — there experience, it becomes easier to navigate in life.

I believe that to truly play, you need to be a sincere man, or on stage you can’t play a character, and in life will always be an actor.

Anastasia Sarna: Each work in their own way close to. To play on stage as it would be in life, you have to feel for his character. It is necessary to study the historical era in which he lived character, plunge into its environment.

Choose the roles that I play, not always associated with my personality, so it is difficult to say that these two worlds intersect. But the experience I get while exploring the personality of the hero, is priceless. Acting is a practical psychology. By studying the character, work hard, discover in yourself something new, learn and evolve. To develop and improve important in any job.

But the most important thing is the soul. You must learn to love and to give light, to overcome and to work. Love yourself and others.