Brazilian carnivals and Carnival in Rio de Janeiro
  May 28, 2012 Brazil is considered the country of carnivals, in many of its cities held their own carnivals, but one of the world's best known and most spectacular…

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Venetian carnival parade costumes in Venice
The glorious city of Venice flourished in the mid-fifteenth century, long before there was the first Venetian carnival . as a member of the trade of the Hanseatic League. In…

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Moderator: Dear friends, today is a great day for us. Today dubbed his son’s family…….It would not be fair, celebrating the birthdays of the earth, to keep silent about the birthday of the spiritual. Moreover, that spiritual birth not only equal, but even superior in value to the earth. Baptism is the entry of a person into the Church. At the time of the baptism of the Holy Spirit sanctifies the whole being of the person. Dear parents novokreshenova, always remember this day – the day that’s given to you through an immersion in the baptismal grace of God. Raise your glasses for baptized now Nikita.

Interviewer: According to the tradition of a person receiving baptism godparents must be father and mother. At baptism godparents undertake to invest faith in the soul of the child. I suggest to drink for godparents, or as them still name, for the Godparents! For their health and for the fact that they coped with the demands placed upon them! Godparents!

The song is a remake to the tune of the song from the cartoon “Chunga-Changa”

Tune up with us more fun

And glasses full pour!

Dubbed son now you!

Everyone is full of joy.

Gathered guests today,

A lot of kidsthere and adults

Parents and godparents congratulations!

All have flowers, gifts,

Mothers with fathers in shock,

Much happiness and health they desire!

We came to visit you now

To congratulate you on this glorious hour.

Not much you get angry at us,

We all love and respect you!

Mom godmother, dad,

You all in the world better, more beautiful,

All the sweeter, smarter, and kinder.

For moles Comanescu

On this festive day

Us wine intoxicating quickly pour!

Moderator: Dear friends! Today, the family ……… immediately increased by two people. The child had two parents. I welcome this newfound family move to the middle of the hall.

The family enters the scene.

Leader: May the best day of the year

Will light a lucky star,

That will guide you

And will become a common fate!

I ask you all to raise your glasses,

For this new family.

In Russia it is the rule

The feast of all drinking wine.

Support as we gather together,

The ancient custom of the Russians

For godson and for godparents

Will raise again our glass!

Large new family takes the tray with the glasses associated tape. Men pour them champagne, and drink all together.

Interviewer: Now you are symbolically merged into one big happy family. And let the whole life like this tape, you connect the invisible thread of love, understanding, responsibility for each other.

Dear parents, in the baptism of your son, I appeal to you:

In the Church on this day of Baptism

The priest prophesied that the

God has created so wonderful

The earthly world and the heavenly world

And in love said:

“I give you this land,

Winter, spring, fall, summer,

The cause of truth serve.

Let it live in the hearts of the saved

Joy, peace unutterable,

In Christ – The Creator,

Him Shine brighter than the sun

In an open window

The sincerity of the hearts!

For our godson. Make sure they are healthy and happy, to have achieved a lot in life and never forgot that on his chest he cherished the cross, that God gives him the grace flowing from the cross in the soul and gives her the strength to live purely, honestly and honorably, and better to say – Holy. For novokreshenova!

Interviewer: as a child at a birthday party we always sang “Loaf”. Let’s sing “Loaf” our hero of the occasion. Ask everyone to stand in a circle, the parents in the center of the circle.

All the guests went in a circle and dance in a circle.

The song is a remake of the song “CARAVAN”.

On your Christening

Going honest people,

Going honest people,

“Loaf” you sing.

You and Baptisms congratulations,

Much happiness to you we wish

That wide, so high.

In kindergarten, then to school,

Let success be the box –

Like this width this height.

So richly Nikita lived,

So the income of the house was –

That wide, so high.

So I came,

All at the table you invite.

Much happiness you desire

Many, many bright days.

We wish often to smile,

Nothing do not worry,

Not to worry and not to hurt,

But, in General, to stay young and healthy!

We wish you health, happiness and warmth.

So all the failures burned to the ground!

To live – not to grieve to a hundred years happened!

Let come true all that is still true!

The song is a remake to the tune of a song about pilots from a-to-f “heavenly slug”.

In November, gloomy, cloudy autumn day,

Christening celebrate with family and friends we.

We are here at the table,

Glasses full pour,

And for the health godson we all sing:

We declare:

It’s time to celebrate, to celebrate this glorious day.

Christening to celebrate in a big company of family, friends!

You will grow and will soon become adults let them,

About godparents mom and dad you don’t forget.

Watch will strictly,

We don’t disappear, you know!

Tonight, tonight, tonight,

Without alcohol and fun songs to do nothing!

We’ll drink, we’ll drink two,

It’s time to celebrate, to celebrate this glorious day.

Dear! With the holiday

Congratulations to you!

Beautiful now and be merry.

Flowing Creek, running Creek,

Would be youthful longer.

Flowing Creek, running Creek,

Dance today,

And we will sing songs.

The daughter is beautiful, Sonny – clever,