World Festival Miss Burlesque
World Festival Miss Burlesque In last weekend was one of the brightest and most enchanting festivals of spring – World Festival Miss Burlesque 2015. The award is 4 year selects…

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Carnival of Venice: history and traditions of the most famous holiday in Italy
  Traditionally, before strict fasting during the ten days before carnival in Italy bright and colorful cope lush Carnivals, which literally translated from Italian means – "farewell to meat" (ital.…

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Greetings happy birthday verses


Congratulations happy birthday in verse and prose is an integral part of the big celebration. It is usually said that during a birthday is a great mood condition, new thoughts, something very old, long-forgotten thing of the past, if passes the boundary line, dividing the whole of human life. So why does this happen, why? For centuries all the celebrations – from the personal to the huge public – had personal so-called master “birthday”, in whose honour the “culprit” they were made, were invented. In this case, you can and should themselves be sure to thank everybody for their holidays and their birthday wishes in verse . All invited guests at this point, congratulating him on his birthday, they seem to tend to him, “up on tiptoe” and that’s something to talk with him, to adore him, to praise him, to ask someone for something (example, happiness, health and family welfare), to thank. All the guests “lifted on tiptoe” to recharge and be inspired by the power and thoughts of the birthday “jubilee”. That is why the people who came to congratulate the “culprit” happy birthday looking forward to this event, preparing themselves as outside and inside.

In most cultures birthday is an important event, which is accompanied by rituals, gifts and birthday greeting in verse and prose, and special honors birthday. There are different opinions about the origin of the tradition to celebrate. Some believe that it all started with the ancient Iranian God of the Sun, the cult of Mithras, the soldiers of the Roman Empire was brought to Europe. The first prototypes of the birthday party were cultic meals in pagan ceremonies, customs to do each other podnosheniya. Others believe that the custom of celebrating this holiday is even older. Wild tribes believed that the day of birth of a person, he becomes more vulnerable to evil spirits, and people surrounding him trying to protect his congratulations, and then, and offerings (gifts). Perhaps worship their idols of the tribe’s shamans and chieftain on certain days, were the prototypes of the birthday. Each adult or child looking forward to his holiday. Treat, guests, gifts — all this makes the happy and joyful celebration. The ability to rhyme the most pleasant and long-awaited words in poetry is a special talent that not many possess every. And in every civilization, from ancient antiquity, poets glorified, and to our pores got their names. The fact that dressed in a certain rhythm, the sound resonates in our soul, and we intuitively become more happy. It is our sensations.

But there is also objective evidence of the positive impact of poetry on the person. During their recitation or when we listen to poetry, our brain produces special substances. They act favorably on the nervous, cardiovascular, circulatory and other systems. That is why, as a congratulations happy birthday verses will be the best opportunity to Express birthday, we wish him health, happiness and longevity. In the truest sense of the word, literally presenting it all as a gift. When one reads poetry, he also experiences positive emotions. And it’s not just the birthday wishes – verses – this is a special country, your world, where, in addition to words, there is a rhythm. Rhythm exists in every nation. Ritual dances and songs is not just a particular set of words. This is, in fact, the same poetry, the ability to Express what people feel for each other. The words of these poems passed down from generation to generation, and can really cause strong changes in the health of the person. Although not yet proven the reasons why these actions occur, but traditional medicine has long ceased to deny the existence of these facts. Therefore, the rhythm which gives to poetry, will be beneficial in this application as a birthday greeting in verse – this is the best opportunity to use the wisdom of ancient times.

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