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Festival of brides in Novosibirsk


Air, flowing dress; soft hands, smiling faces, the glitter of happiness in the eyes of friends; excitement; dizzy from the rush of feelings of immense joy; the desire to embrace the whole world… And the particle of a loved one in your heart…

Wedding is one of the most important events in life, to which you want to return again and again in flashbacks. And the most beautiful brides of the outgoing year. In 2007 Novosibirsk will become one of the capitals of the First all-Russian festival of brides. The qualifying round will be held in our city on Valentine’s Day — February 14.

The idea of “all-Russian festival of brides” was born in Tyumen, the author of the project — Viktoria Zhdanova. At first he was held in the format of the annual city festival (since 2001). In March 2006 he received the national status: it was decided to run the final qualifying event on February 14 in the largest cities of Russia. The festival has already started in Tyumen, Ufa, Nizhny Novgorod, Smolensk, Tver, Tolyatti, Ulyanovsk, Perm, Novosibirsk.

Festival Brides is an open contest in which you can participate any woman. No special requirements for appearance and social status there. First, the girl must be of age. Secondly, the marriage must be registered in the current year up to 31 December. Allowed and participation of the contestants who remarriages.

Festival Brides is a bright event in the history of our city, which includes a range of activities. In Novosibirsk will pass the charitable action with the participation of contestants, which will be targeted to help the elderly and children left without parental care. Also in our city will be a walk of love, which will consist of trees planted by the newlyweds.

In addition, in Novosibirsk will be the First specialized exhibition “Wedding and holiday industry 2007”, which will include competition “Wedding ball” in the categories “Best wedding flowers”, “Best wedding cake, Best wedding decoration”; The contest, wedding photographers Biennale “Pro wedding…”, gala–show of the beauty salons “future Bride” and more.

Competition in Novosibirsk consists of three rounds. To participate, you must send a request (or coupon) to the organizing Committee, stating the date of marriage registration shall include a copy of the marriage certificate and two photographs of the bride closeup in full growth. Based on the provided images are being ttoolbar.

The second round is an open semi — finals. It takes place in the presence of spectators, sponsors and jury members. In the second round participants “are” difficult, downright Olympic trials. Among them — “Bridal fashion show” with candles: out of all the participants in the wedding outfits for demonstration of the image of the bride. Intellectual competitions (“Passions”), in which the bride will get the opportunity to be smart, sense of humor, creativity (the ability to talk, write poetry, dance, create original costumes). According to the results of each competition, the jury draws up the report of refereeing at the Olympic principle. After each one of the contestants is eliminated from the fight. In the final of the competition out 12-15 brides. Also visitors semifinal choose the “Bride of spectator sympathies” by open vote .

Then starts an open end. He again takes place in the presence of spectators, sponsors and jury members. In it contestants expect at least three examinations. Winner — “the diamond bride Novosibirsk” — gets right to participate in the final national festival, which takes place in Tyumen, the home of the project, 28 April 2007. According to the results of the competition, which involves the winners of the qualifying rounds of the nine cities of our country, selected “the diamond bride Russia 2006”.

The festival is an unforgettable show. The experience of the Tyumen organizers shows that these activities are bright, leave a lot of positive emotions, strong impressions. Festival long live in the memory of its participants and spectators. Each year it surprises, amazes and inspires. For example, in 2004, to the ball in Tyumen arrived very real wedding tuples directly from the Registrar’s office. Especially for them was organized a solemn ceremony: March, champagne, bright fireworks from confetti and unique event — the rally of jewelry. Without a doubt, this event was memorable for the newly created couples.

The culmination of the final show, as a rule, is the “Confession of love”. Contestants in evening gowns, uncontrollable excitement, utter important in life words, looking Him in the eye — his only. Hall, with bated breath, listens, feeling overwhelmed. Finally, hall sees Them — husbands, they give flowers and kissing Loved ones, some even jump up on the podium from an excess of passion, and definitely is the one who, albeit timidly, but confesses his love in return.

Of course, the Festival of brides in Novosibirsk will be special, because it encourages people to dream, to love, to be beautiful, desirable, to bring joy to others and yourself to be happy, to appreciate the family and loved ones .

Information partners of the festival in Novosibirsk are the company “Ordinem distribution”, MTV, classic radio, the magazine “Choose. The temptations of the city,” logs “diary of a bride” and “I am the MOTHER”, the newspaper “Youth of Siberia”, portals NovosibOut and Sibmama, MegaNsk, student newspaper Gaudeamus.