Beautiful holiday hairstyle ideas and tips
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The Most unusual holidays
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Unusual culinary festivals in the world


The article will tell you about the many food festivals that are organized all over the world. These festivals are very unusual. You will learn about the tradition of cooking food from cats, traditions, chase the cheese, throw oranges and more.

Since childhood we have been taught that food is not to rush. However, in some countries, throwing food is a massive event, which attracts many people. This madness has developed into real food festivals, which has gained worldwide popularity and has attracted a lot of tourists.

So, Italy has a long tradition of battles with oranges. For participation in festival it is vital to stock up on helmet and goggles. In the small town of Ivrea, three days before lent, residents gather to participate in the orange battle. In Middle ages there was a tradition to throw oranges. There was a legend that in ancient times there lived a Prince of Ivrea, who was very avaricious. He gave to the peasants only one pea in six months. To protest people gathered and began to scatter the peas on all city streets. Over time the peas have replaced oranges and turned the process of throwing fruit at this festival. Very famous in recent times was the festival of Catania cheese in England. From Cooper’s hill crumble the cheese, dozens of British. The whole process is accompanied by multiple fractures, bruises and stretch marks participants. Local authorities have repeatedly taken action to ban this festival, but no matter what, fans of extreme sensations annually gather at Cooper’s hill. In Thailand every year in November, hold a festival of monkeys. In the province of lop Buri apes breadwinners, because those are the reasons it attracts a lot of tourists. For these four-legged friends organize a magnificent buffet with a variety of sweets, fruit and drinks. On this day the monkey suit real riot, because they can do anything.

February 23, in Mexico, in Oaxaca, spend a fabulous night of Radishes. This night is dedicated to showcasing decorative pieces, and theatrical scenes, and the production of original compositions. This festival was founded in the 16th century. Why such an unusual name? This is because in Mexico brought a lot of radishes. It began to produce various figures. By the 20th century, this hobby turned into a holiday of “Noches de Slave-nose”, which is now celebrated every year.

Over the last 650 years in Turkey hold competitions at a very unusual sport – oil wrestling. Every year about 1,000 wrestlers carefully smear your body with olive oil and create an incredible sight. Body athletes become very slippery, so many just trying to catch your opponent special straps to then fling him to the ground. The struggle continues for three days, and after the winner receives a gold belt, which owns a whole year until the next competition. The eating of cats in a small farming town of La Quebrada, is the act of paying tribute to your ancestors. Residents in the area each year with feline feast by cooking cats in various ways. Once the slaves had survived by eating cats, so nowadays this process is almost sacred. At this festival you can offer a cat on the grill, Milan cat and many other dirty dishes.

Extravagant culinary competition is held in West Virginia. In 1998 a law was passed that says that you can eat any animal found on the side of the road. Festival RoadKill Cook-Off has gained immense popularity. At the festival there is a unique rule – participants must come with a prepared dish, the main ingredient of which should be the body of the animal. The festive menu is very diverse, ranging from grilled ribs raccoon and ending with braised venison.

Madness on culinary festivals happen all the time. The Greek town of Galaxidi scored the most interesting culinary feast. Each year to celebrate “Clean Monday”. On this day, locals wear old clothes, masks, and protective eyewear. Take to the streets and start to throw white and coloured flour. This battle lasts as long until all stocks of flour. At the end of the festival participants will gather in the city center and continue the fun: eat, drink, dance and have fun.

The arrival of spring the Japanese greeted the expulsion of the devil from their homes. They conduct the ritual “Mame-Maki”, which is the spreading of soybeans and shouting a special Proverbs. After this procedure, residents harvested the beans and eat as many beans, how old they are. In New Zealand each year hold a festival called “the Scandal of the shepherd”. During the festival the participants have to overcome the baton of 3 km with many culinary obstacles. For example, participants during the race should enjoy the eyes of sheep pickled in oil from insects. In 2008 came up with something very nasty: the participants had to run 50 meters, holding in the teeth of bull testicles.

So, the imagination of the inhabitants of our planet are inexhaustible. Who knows what new food festival will come up this year.