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Brazilian Tradition of carnival

Of course, the greatest carnival show in the world held in Brazil. The tradition of street carnivals were brought to Brazil by immigrants from the Portuguese Islands. Festival ”entrudo” was like then on street carnage, weapons which served as raw eggs or filled with flour or plaster egg shells, and starch crackers, wax balls with fragrant water. With Windows on the heads of passers-by all baskets emptied the corn and beans. Later, the Brazilians took over from enlightened Europe fancy items in a noisy procession of steel ”wedge” units drummers. But the truly national character of the local carnivals gave Samba dancers. And over the last several decades, the climax of the festival are the parades of Samba, which involved the best dance force.

Especially for this parade in Rio de Janeiro built Sambadrome, Avenue 700 meters long, built by the famous Brazilian architect Oscar Nimara. Rostrum Sambadrome can accommodate more than 70 thousand people, of which 40 thousand seats equipped with tables and bars. For visitors is the ninth sector, the seats are numbered and reserved in advance.

Fourteen dance schools ”League” are two nights. Schools are ”workshops” of the carnival, during the year, prepare a fabulous performance, write him a script, music and lyrics. Spectacle becomes enchanting. In the blinding light, the crash of drums and a rain of confetti moving thousands of processions in costume, called ”fantasy”. The weight of some fancy outfits exceeds ten pounds. However, the sultry beauty prefer a lighter, almost invisible robes. Western tourists frankly get woozy from many hours of contemplation divas in a soft haze of ostrich feathers dancing Topless something ecstatic.

Group dancing enliven the ”creeping cakes” – allegorical carts designed to help participants of the show to Express a variety of topics, from eternal love to the episodes of the liberation struggle of the Brazilian people. Machine, barely moving, dragged himself to four or five floors with intricate designs made of metal, wood, papier-mache. And at all levels, holding on to the poles, dance, wiggle masters of Samba. Musical accompaniment is provided by percussion instruments, guitars and kavakino.

The night passes to eight columns and five thousand members each. Watching this unbridled joy, it’s hard to believe that every step I replace them for many months. Carnival crowd needs to win the hearts of not only the audience: the action closely monitored by a panel of judges. The jury takes into account everything: the music and the lyrics, the timing of the movements, the costumes according to the story, and the ”place” action. The judges ruthlessly reduce the assessment for the identified gaps in the ranks of the ”demonstrators”, the lack of expression in the dance of numerosity and her companion ”Mestre-Sala”, is rather weak response of the audience. I must say that the people of Brazil cheer for their schools with no less fervor than favourite club.

Despite the fact that in the front ”wings” are real pros and the organization of the show invested millions of dollars, anyone from outside has the right to join the ranks of the carnival. Trailing the procession Samba school takes about four o’clock in the morning. But it’s not the end of carnival Orgy, but rather the prologue no less riotous fun that captures the streets of the city. Fiery, unrestrained dance becomes the absolute owner of Rio de Janeiro.

Brazilian carnival attracts over three hundred thousand tourists of Rio de Janeiro these days are overcrowded, and prices compared with quiet ”time of year” to fly half, so reservations are a must for a few months. To purchase tickets better again in advance at the travel Agency because the local dealers are malicious speculation quite openly.

Dressed tourists at the carnival should be easier and better – no synthetics. In Brazil at this time, even at night hot and stuffy, Well, if the clothes provided roomy pockets with zippers or buttons – handbags and purses are a favorite target of local pickpockets, fluent in criminal craft.

The most enterprising visitors, holiday makers without regard to the standard offer of travel agencies, participation in the global carnival No. 1 cost is inexpensive, about $150. That is how much to ask for suit tailoring ”fantasy”. However, have four times to visit for measurements and fittings local slums – favelas, which employs service festival tailors. But what a pleasure to go for an hour or more main carnival route in the sparkling, dazzling plumage, moving in Sizzling Samba beat! However, to join the spirit of the Brazilian carnival and can’t in ”season” by visiting a Saturday night for some ten reais rehearsal of one of the Samba schools. Locals will gladly teach visitors how to dance in ”houses of Samba”, for example, in ”Carinhosos” or ”Elite”.