Top of the most unusual festivals in the world
  Safe to say that no person in the world who doesn't love to celebrate the holidays. We are happy to congratulate your relatives, friends, colleagues happy birthday, happy Valentine's…

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Festival Bright people will be held in the capital for the second time
  The program of the festival is a Grand theatrical performance prepared by modern Directors: Yu Muravitsky, A. Zherebtsova, G. Piccinin, E. Poldi, D. Vasiliev, D. Aroseva, J. Makeev, J.…

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Food tours – food festivals in July


Wine festival in Rethymno town — a two-week celebration of the magic of Cretan wine, music and dance. At the festival local producers present their quality bottled wines, olive oil, all kinds of other products from olives, herbs, cheese, etc.

The festival hosts many events: exhibitions, seminars, lectures by well-known residents of Crete, competitions of traditional and contemporary music by local performers, many activities for kids and definitely tasting of wine and local food.

And fiery Cretan dance!

The main task of the festival: the unity of the residents and visitors of the city and acquainting tourists with gastronomic and historic cultural traditions of Crete.

And here is the video of the past years:

2. The OYSTER FESTIVAL IN KNYSNA (Knysna Oyster Festival) South Africa

Date: 06.07.2012 — 15.07.2012

Place: town of Knysna, South Africa

Every year on this bright and the largest celebration of South Africa is going at least 65 thousand spectators.

It attracts not only lovers of seafood, but also athletes, and lovers of delicious food.

And, of course, there are many activities, from races and boat races to whiskey tastings and a variety of wines and at the end of the holiday – a stunning gala concert!

Well, the oysters here you can buy at incredibly low prices in any local kiosk on any day of the festival.

3. The FESTIVAL ’s BEER EXCHANGE” in Viersen-Dulcina (Bierborse) Germany

Date: 06.07.2012-08.07.2012

Working hours: Fri, sat 14:00-24:00, sun: 12:00 – 21:00

Ticket: admission free

For lovers of German beer – this festival is a Paradise.

Festival “Beer exchange” travels from June to September on the large cities of Germany.

90 participants from 75 countries and more than 700 varieties of beer, more than 100 thousand visitors and record results from the sale of this ancient drink.

The festival, as usual, is held in Viersen-Dulcine in the historic centre of the city in the largest beer garden. It will feature 250 local and exotic Beers from around the world. As well as traditional German snacks and, of course, musical program.

Throughout July you can move to Germany, or just visit any city that moves “Beer festival”, and move from town to town so it will be:

Mainz, Germany 13.07.2012-15.07.2012

Bonn, Germany 20.07.2012-22.07.2012

Dusseldorf-Benrath, Germany 27.07.2012-29.07.2012

4. INTERNATIONAL MANGO FESTIVAL (International Mango Festival)

Date: July 6-8, 2012

Place: New Delhi, India

Mango is very famous and delicious Thai fruit, which is dedicated to this festival. Here you can taste at the same time more than 1 thousand species of mango. Not only widely known for its variety (“Langda”, “Dasari”, “Alfonso”), but new local hybrids.

Music and colorful dances will accompany all three days of the festival, creating a festive mood. Contests for children and adults, fair – sale of mango and products (jellies, juices, jams). And, of course, you can buy mango trees there.

Spectacular and joyous holiday!


Date: July 7-8, 2012

Location: Palazzuolo Sul Senio / Palazzuolo sul Senio

In Sunny Italy 2 days of gastronomic marathon in the autonomy of the Tuscan region.

The Central square is the tasting tortilla (local ravioli) with potato or cheese filling, flavored with sage, with the addition of cream or meat sauces.

On Saturday, usually the first samples of the dishes, and Sunday offers a large market of regional delicacies and farm products, which demonstrates the masterpieces of the Tuscan cuisine. Individual attention locally sardellen. As a vivid accompaniment – fun, music and dancing.

6. The FESTIVAL ’s TASTE of CHICAGO” (Taste of Chicago)

Date: 11-15 July 2012

Place: city Chicago, USA

The annual food festival in Chicago this year, will last only 5 days, will begin on July 11.

It is the largest festival in the Midwest, it usually lasted 10 days and started on the last Friday of June, but this year only five days.

It is noteworthy that it is held every year in 40 degree heat, but food lovers from not less, holiday visit 250-350 thousand people.

And of course there is a cultural program for a very reasonable money 100 bucks, you can hear the whole crowd of stars of world size

If you are planning a trip to Chicago, don’t miss this event.

7. WINE FESTIVAL “BULL’s BLOOD” IN EGER (Hungary) — Eger bikaver (Egri Bikaver)

Date: 13 -15 July 2012

Location: Eger, Hungary

The three-day festival, dedicated to this famous wine, held in Eger annually, beginning on the second Friday of July. This year: from 13 to 15 July.

For the production of this famous wine is a special sort of dark grapes with lots of sugar and pigments.

The wine Matures in oak barrels and in the second year gets the perfect taste and aroma.

Tart, aromatic wine is perfect with spicy meat dishes of the Hungarian cuisine.

Like any holiday, this festival is full of Hungarian music and fragrant wine.