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National holidays in Russia: how many holidays are good!


An irrefutable fact is that the Russian people love folk festivals. And they are trying not to miss any celebration. The way Russians celebrate, don’t celebrate anybody. Customs of the ancient Slavs, respecting nature and all that it involves, most have been preserved in the rituals and customs of the peoples of Russia.

Not otherwise, as the Russians in order to avoid confusion and to ensure timely completion of divided folk festival winter holidays, spring-summer and autumn.

National holidays in Russia, the most favorite and famous — this is, without a doubt, snowy and frosty Christmas. early spring Carnival. showing the way the spring and Sunny days, a luminous celebration of Easter. spring-summer Trinity and Sunny rainbow day of Ivan Kupala. All of them, except Easter, interconnected with the natural world, with its new life, blossoming, sazhaniye and collecting a generous harvest. During the holidays people vividly bring unique worldview, a sense of fullness of life. Without exception, all national holidays of Russia is filled with traditions, rituals, ceremonies.

New year and Christmas holidays

New year and Christmas holidays all the inhabitants of planet Earth since ancient times is considered family and try to note them home. The Russians manage to combine old traditions of a family holiday with street festivities.

For a long time already all know that New year in Russia begins in mid-December. And start this holiday gets on merry Christmas fairs, incendiary corporate parties, children’s institutions.

From mid-December all the cities of Russia is full of colorful brilliant light holiday lighting and similar to the fairy Kingdom. For kids at the ice rinks of the residence of Grandfather Frost and the snow Maiden. On virtually all Central squares of cities have huge Christmas tree. Opened colorful fairy houses-the stalls selling everything from Christmas decorations, garlands, gifts to all kinds of sweets, English Christmas cakes with predictions, gingerbread goats, and the little man, hot tea, coffee and mulled wine.

The cycle of Christmas-Christmas secular holidays lasts until January 19, almost a month.

Pancake week

In the tradition of the Russian walks and having fun the whole country during the Pancake week. And how beautiful and unusual to see off Winter and welcome spring! The festival is held on the Central squares in front of the administration buildings of the region, district. Squares lines are long, brightly decorated, shopping arcade. People folk songs, fiery dances, original games welcome Beauty — Spring and say goodbye to the cold winter weather. On the tables puffing samovar with fragrant tea, stacked pyramid traditional scented pancakes with honey, jam, caviar, cottage cheese, eggs and lots of various national delicacies. At the table of typical folk Russian beauties in gorgeous Slavic costumes, painted shawls with bundles of delicious and toasted bagels instead of the necklace, smiling, enjoy treats.

The Celebration Of Easter

How early and EN masse in Russia are preparing to celebrate Easter — favorite national holiday. Preparing for the feast of Easter in all the big cities and small villages across the country since Holy Thursday “Maundy Thursday”. In this Holy day are executed multiple rituals: purification of houses, courtyards and streets from all the dirt and muck that has accumulated over the fall and winter. In “Maundy Thursday” try to swim in the bath, in the bath, under the shower before sunrise. To avoid diseases, all sheds, outbuildings, cellar, allowed fumigate fuming juniper. A day or two before Easter bake cakes and decorate eggs variety of colors and patterns, but the composition and the predominant color is red. At Easter all the familiar and unfamiliar, counter-and cross-triple kiss (“Christ”) and share little Easters and extraordinarily beautiful eggs.

Always a warm and Sunny Easter. Russians EN masse with their families, friends tend to go on fresh air with barbecue and delicious liqueurs. 49 days after Easter on the Trinity appear most picturesque and colourful festivities.


The Trinity appear most picturesque and colourful festivities. 49 days after Easter the Russians together to say farewell to spring and welcome summer! The Trinity people attributed exclusively to virgin (female, «Indian») holidays. Extremely beautiful celebration! All the houses are surrounded by green decorations from the branches of birch trees, oak trees, maples, field of grass and flowers. After a morning of festive visiting temples all hurried on folk feast with songs, dances, performances, games, dances. To this day girls especially make excellent outfits. On Saturday Trinity celebrations, they dressed in red shirts or sundresses, and on Sundays – in antique white. Beautiful and a mandatory attribute of the outfit is a wreath of spring green. Fully prepared holiday dinners. Definitely baked decorated with flowers sweet loaf.

Crackers from a half-eaten loaf collected and dried in the day, greens, flowers and herbs are kept for a year. After all, the ancient Slavs believed that symbolize the life of the plants have special magical properties.

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