Venice carnival goes
  From the 6th to the 16th of February in Venice is the most famous carnival in Europe. At least so say the residents of the city, dotted with canals.…

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Fall festival "Gulliver"
  The performances are loved by the Kurgan puppet theatre "Gulliver" in the first season the audience will see the Far East and Siberia. The actors gathered puppets and decorations,…

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Taste the joy: the best food festivals in the world


Last year in The New York Times gave the definition to the world’s obsession with food, calling it a “food shock”. Indeed, edible crazy our civilization: recipe books become best sellers, cooks tour not less musicians, food becomes the main character talk shows and movies.

Check the new restaurant is now perhaps more important than ever for all to dash off a review of the most awaited film of the year or the latest collection of RAF Simons. And if Jamie Oliver or Gordon Ramsay still less occupy women’s minds than Robert Pattinson, the leading cooking shows Nigel Lawson and Claire Robinson certainly can compare in popularity with Scarlett Johansson or Sasha grey (someone like that). Hunger only bread not to meet – we need to know what grain and what’s the loaf is done. And maybe even try to cook it at home, certainly laying out snapshots of the process and the result to the Network.

Gastroboletus can be compared with the development of the music industry. Rock explosion in the 50’s, crazy festivals, music lovers in search of rare vinyl and new names and, of course, the guitar in the corner of every second teenager. Replacing the music in this food list, get the average modern foodie who collects knives and recipes, wandering through the markets in search of the next “fantastic places without signs”.

So why not follow fashion, leaving the usual sightseeing tours to Japanese tourists, and tours with sedate wine tasting and cheese tasting – European pensioners to go back to where it all boils ideas are born and the concept of the future? Food festivals can be no less spectacular than the art Biennale, and the battle of the chefs of various levels of complexity sometimes intense football.

Bocuse d’or in Lyon is the Olympics and the festival de Cannes at the same time: the most prestigious competition in the world of chefs, which attracts international stars to cook and watch. In the program to prepare two dishes – from meat and fish. The intrigue is that the product list is the same for everyone, and the participants learn just a month before the competition. Chefs cook in insulated boxes with glass partitions behind their work see the jury and crowded tribunes.

Traditional can be called the Paris Salon du Chocolat . already 20 years offers a spectacular fashion show. The themes change every year, and the condition remains the same – to create a dress out of chocolate. Also here you can see the creations of the best chocolatiers in the world, to participate in master classes and learn about fashion trends sweet. Salon du Chocolat takes place in 22 cities and countries, the most magnificent in Paris.

Dessert lovers will find happiness at the world competition confectioners Coure du Monde de la Patisserie, the final of which is usually held in Lyon. In the program – chocolate, hot and cold desserts. But no less interest in food-bloggers called the national qualifying rounds: confectionery “battles” is a kind of casting talents, where can be spotted for a future superstar.

You should not go on the coolest chefs Congress in the world — Madrid Fusion – without prior training. It’s like getting to the summit of physicists or the Congress of Nobel laureates: the participants live in the future and delve into the technical details so that colleagues understand them sometimes. For example, in 2014, the Spaniard ángel Lyon prepared the plankton, creating a delicious tomato soup, which can glow in the dark. Here becomes clear, it will be fed next year in the top ten best restaurants in the world, because their chef come to the festival to learn.

But international Omnivore is a kind of culinary “Sundance”. They do not have the experience or the number of jewels. Participants become carriers of the most creative ideas are often born outside of the generally accepted canons of the restaurant business. Instead of soup – “swamp”, instead of plates – bird nests and dead branches and rusty bread beef and pearls: the main attraction of the festival is that the names are almost no explanations. Mandatory part of the program Omnivore dinners in the institutions of the participants, allowing to check the edibility and survivability of creativity.

Walking on KIEV STREET FOOD FESTIVAL is to become a gold digger. To barwith interesting formats and new ideas among kebabs, burgers and restaurant booths, you need to make

sometimes considerable effort. But the difficulties only add to the value of the findings.

A little easier on a CITY HOLIDAY MEAL . his program is full and has its headliners. For example, a master class Yoshihiro Fujiwara on the butchering of tuna in 2014 attracted the attention not only foodies and local chefs.

Study of regional foods and methods of cooking can in Lviv – last fall in the city opened a permanent RINOK POLICHNO G (Rinok sbro “Pid Arsenal”). To take a counter here can any interesting projects – if they pass a picky selection. Here you can buy Ukrainian fruit distillates, farm products holding company !FEST, Galician “marmalade” or to get on the celebrity master class. “Exposition” is constantly updated with local specialties – sooner or later they will move on cuisine restaurants and will be the basis of the Ukrainian castroreale.