HOMESTEAD jazz. Famous festival celebrates anniversary
  M. S.: we are planning several special projects. In particular, we publish a collection of the best works of musicians participating in the festival for 10 years. In addition,…

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World Festival Miss Burlesque
World Festival Miss Burlesque In last weekend was one of the brightest and most enchanting festivals of spring – World Festival Miss Burlesque 2015. The award is 4 year selects…

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The Sani Festival


Rejoice, lovers of the beautiful! The annual Sani Festival, held on the territory of the Sani Resort, is ready to surprise your guests and give them a ticket to the world of high art. This year from 16 July to 31 August at the resort Sani Resort, once again, will be held six week holiday, where everyone will be able to assess the skill of the best theatrical and musical figures. The festival is held in APU since 1993 and is one of the most important international cultural events, uniting the world recognized masters, for one purpose – to create art. Amid the indescribable beauty of the resort, on the shores of the Aegean sea, under the enchanting sunsets Greek representations become more refined and more colorful.

From the very beginning the festival has become a venue for important exhibitions, music concerts and dance performances with the participation of outstanding masters of jazz, classical and world pop music, and popular in recent years, film-direction “Music in the film and the film in music.”

Every year the Sani Festival gives guests a new and unforgettable experience and amaze the guests and fills them with positive emotions.

This year the festival will pay special attention to one of the most prominent and important musical genres – jazz. The festival will be attended by such world famous musicians as talented Swedish funk and jazz trombone player Nils Landgren (Nils Landgren Funk Unit), Russian jazz singer Viktoria Tolstoy (Victoria is also a descendant of the famous Russian writer L. N. Thick), a famous Brazilian singer and songwriter Cey (Céu). titled “the future of Brazilian pop music”and jazz singer from South Korea – Yoon sung To (Youn Sun Nah).

The festival will feature four different styles of music:

Jazz on the hill (Jazz on the Hill) (16-18 July): all the action will take place at the tip of Cape Sani, a natural amphitheatre overlooking the Aegean sea. Guests will be able to see every part from the height of medieval watchtower, admiring the magnificent view graceful under the starry sky of Greece. This year the jazz will pay tribute to the label act as the most significant German label 90-ies. Founder AST – Siegfried lock (Siggi Loch) adheres to the main goal – the discovery and support of new and talented performers of jazz music, because the label AST became the home for most popular performers. Over the years the label has released 200 albums in various jazz styles,, has received numerous awards for commercial success and great recognition for the artistic value.

The sounds of the World(Sounds of the World) (July 23-25), originated for the first time in 2006, going back through five years due to the high demand and large number of fans. This year the sounds of the World devoted to the music of Spain, Portugal and Brazil, subjected to the influences of large countries of the Iberian Peninsula. The highlight of the festival will be the popular singer who received great success in the charts and the Grammy-winning seu (Céu).

Music in Film and Film Music (Music on Film vs Film On Music). Will be held on Cape Sani and in the open air theatre Cine Orpheas. For that kind of music was established in 2009 and this year will be dedicated to the great English filmmaker Peter Greenaway (Peter Greenaway), who will also be present in the days of submissions – 30, 31 July and 1 August. Also, on Cape Sani on August 7 will be held concerts of famous Greek Greek composers of Panagiotis Galacturonase, (Panagiotis Kalatzopoulos) and Avanti Reboutsika (Evanthia Reboutsika) (the author of the film “Politiki Kouzina” by Yiorgos Chorafas (Giorgos Horafas) in the title role), and August 14 will be a performance by popular Greek singer Haris Alexiou (Haris Alexiou).

Classical music (Classical Sani). From 21 August to 4 September in the heart of the resort, at the theatre Cine Orpheas, outdoors, guests can enjoy the beautiful and

the mesmerizing sound of classical music. Sani Festival unites Greek and international talents, this is an event not to be missed!

For all guests staying at the Sani Resort in the dates of the festival, tickets are free.

Hotel Sani Beach Hotel&Spa, located on the territory of the Sani Resort is offering a special deal for booking rooms, in the period of the festival:If you book accommodation for a minimum of 5 nights in the period from 11 July to 26 August 2010, the cost of a double room for two persons with half Board will be 210 Euros per night. The price also includes complimentary accommodation for two children in the parents ‘ room, sauna, steam bath, swimming pool in the Spa center and gym.