World Festival Miss Burlesque
World Festival Miss Burlesque In last weekend was one of the brightest and most enchanting festivals of spring – World Festival Miss Burlesque 2015. The award is 4 year selects…

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Festival of brides in Novosibirsk
  Air, flowing dress; soft hands, smiling faces, the glitter of happiness in the eyes of friends; excitement; dizzy from the rush of feelings of immense joy; the desire to…

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The Sani Festival


Rejoice, lovers of the beautiful! The annual Sani Festival, held on the territory of the Sani Resort, is ready to surprise your guests and give them a ticket to the world of high art. This year from 16 July to 31 August at the resort Sani Resort, once again, will be held six week holiday, where everyone will be able to assess the skill of the best theatrical and musical figures. The festival is held in APU since 1993 and is one of the most important international cultural events, uniting the world recognized masters, for one purpose – to create art. Amid the indescribable beauty of the resort, on the shores of the Aegean sea, under the enchanting sunsets Greek representations become more refined and more colorful.

From the very beginning the festival has become a venue for important exhibitions, music concerts and dance performances with the participation of outstanding masters of jazz, classical and world pop music, and popular in recent years, film-direction “Music in the film and the film in music.”

Every year the Sani Festival gives guests a new and unforgettable experience and amaze the guests and fills them with positive emotions.

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