Beautiful holiday hairstyle ideas and tips
  Each time, on the eve of the celebrations or special evenings, women think about what you would like to make yourself memorable hairstyle. Today, fashion is so versatile, allowing…

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Russian art festival "Pereslavl autumn"
  Arts festival, organized by the Pereslavl Museum-reserve on the initiative of the Moscow Union of Artists is held in Pereslavl-Zalessky for the third year. In the beginning it was…

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Holiday world. Christmas”


According to legend in the year of the Nativity, there were no wars on earth. The Lord has brought peace, peace with God. He brings peace to the troubled soul and a sick conscience. He’s the only one who can grant the human heart peace.

Each year comes to us in winter, and every year she brings us a holiday. Holiday snow slides and fun, Christmas trees and gifts, snow and purity, the feast of the Nativity.

And it happened over 2000 years ago. Terrible events were happening on the ground. Strong Roman regiments conquered many countries. Was among them and the land of Judah. And here was the Roman Emperor decided to learn, how many in this country are citizens, many who years and who can be a soldier.

For this he commanded to make a census of the people. And ordered everyone to go to that city, where he came from. Went to his hometown of Bethlehem righteous Joseph of Holy virgin Mary. Joseph was a poor carpenter, but was descended from the ancient Continue reading


In venecianskiy carnival – the most beautiful holiday in Europe, and for those who loves him, is the most beautiful in the world. Cold wind blows from the lagoon, dampness chilling and small squares and narrow streets of Venice within ten holidays wandering in bizarre outfits of the crowd, forming an incredible mixture incognito – billionaire and the last kid was a provincial, a rich aristocrat and commoner. All is well. And everyone can do whatever they want. As well as Russian Carnival, the carnival takes place before lent .

This year the festival runs from 18 to 28 February. Saturday, February 18, was ball day. Sunday, February 19, from the bell tower of San Marco pulled on the rope “angel”. Not a doll, but a living person. An old tradition that originated in the seventeenth century, was restored last year. This action is called: “descending angel” .

On Sunday there was also the traditional ball gondoliers. The 23rd will be “Historic Bal”, 24th – “treasure Hunt” and ball “Games Casanova”, 25th – costume parade gondoliers, the 26th- children’s carnival “Pinocchio”, 28-th – fireworks and a Large masquerade ball. The carnival’s theme this year is “the Dragon and the lion”, so the traditional Baroque costumes and masks flash masks in the Chinese style. Originality, Continue reading

National holidays in Russia: how many holidays are good!


An irrefutable fact is that the Russian people love folk festivals. And they are trying not to miss any celebration. The way Russians celebrate, don’t celebrate anybody. Customs of the ancient Slavs, respecting nature and all that it involves, most have been preserved in the rituals and customs of the peoples of Russia.

Not otherwise, as the Russians in order to avoid confusion and to ensure timely completion of divided folk festival winter holidays, spring-summer and autumn.

National holidays in Russia, the most favorite and famous — this is, without a doubt, snowy and frosty Christmas. early spring Carnival. showing the way the spring and Sunny days, a luminous celebration of Easter. spring-summer Trinity and Sunny rainbow day of Ivan Kupala. All of them, except Easter, interconnected with the natural world, with its new life, blossoming, sazhaniye and collecting a generous harvest. During the holidays people vividly bring unique worldview, a sense of fullness of life. Without exception, all national holidays of Russia is filled with traditions, rituals, ceremonies.

New year and Christmas holidays

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