Scenario of a summer holiday in the Junior group
  Fizkultury greets children and parents on the Playground, which includes musical accompaniment. Fizkultura. Hello dear parents and children, boys and girls! You are welcome – I, - "Fizkultura"! Don't…

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The Most beautiful holidays of the world
  February 28, begins one of the most ambitious, elegant and fabulous festivals in the world — the Carnival in Rio de Janeiro. Don't have new photos, forcing eyes climb…

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Fall festival “Gulliver”


The performances are loved by the Kurgan puppet theatre “Gulliver” in the first season the audience will see the Far East and Siberia. The actors gathered puppets and decorations, Packed suitcases and went on a tour with the latest and most high-profile premiere of the theater.

In Kurgan doors to the public “Gulliver” will open soon: the 71st season will begin on October 25. On 25 and 26 October the Kurgan will feature two premieres — “the Actress” and “Tales of my grandmother.” The delay in a long-awaited meeting of talents and fans has objective reasons: with the end of the theatrical season this spring, “Gulliver” suffered a great loss in creative frames — for family reasons in Moscow moved actor and Director Alexey Gosuk and his wife, actress Irina Timofeeva. Left the troupe and a young, talented Nikolai Fomin. Because of what the theatre had difficulties with putting actors to play roles, to the same scene master new sound designer and illuminator.

Yet these changes do not interfere with “gullivera” with optimism to the future of the theatre, especially because it starts with a long and happy road.

Now Gulliver is located in Irkutsk, where from 4 to 10 October goes mobile festival “the Ark”, where the Kurgan puppeteers Continue reading

HOMESTEAD jazz. Famous festival celebrates anniversary


M. S.: we are planning several special projects. In particular, we publish a collection of the best works of musicians participating in the festival for 10 years. In addition, we have tried to bring many musicians that are open at the festival. This time will be added to the elements of entertainment, teatralizovannoe.

For this jubilee year, we came with a full Arsenal of knowledge and understanding of how it should be. A large emphasis in recent years do not only to create an interesting musical program, but also to make people stay at the festival quite comfortable. The first years we didn’t know how and what people feed than their more entertaining than music. And today ’s Usadba Jazz” is an event with good food, great entertainment program for children. I am the mother of three children, so at some Continue reading

Festivals and competitions

Festival “chain” forum where leading writers, critics, publishers and fans of the genre fiction. The event has been held since 1981 and is the oldest in the country the festival of fantasy or as they are called – the convent.

From 2003 to 2009 guests of honor were such famous writers as a classic of world fiction Robert Sheckley, one of the greatest American fiction writer Michael Swanwick, domestic fiction classics Vladislav Krapivin and Vasily Golovachev, “the Queen of cyberpunk” Pat Cadigan, a wonderful writer and screenwriter Alan Dean foster, the famous British writer Christopher priest. Last God the decision of the Head of Ekaterinburg, the festival is included in the official list of events dedicated to the celebration of city Day.

To date, the assets of the festival seven prizes awarded to the winners:

main prize “chain” (all-Russian prize of the jury for the successful creative activity and great contribution to the development of Russian fiction),

prize “Start” (all-Russian prize of the jury for best debut book last year, written in Russian in the genre of fiction),

the award of a name of I. A. Efremov (prize of the organizing Committee of the festival for outstanding editorial, organizational and educational work Continue reading